Mexico price of tresiba

Hi I’m off to Mexico for 3months and trying to find is it cheaper to get my 3 month supply here - it’s 213 for 10 tresiba pens - or buy in Mexico - how much does 1 pen go for in Mexico these days ?

It’s much cheaper but u will likely need to see a Mexican doctor for a script. They will overcharge you. Should be 100 to get the office visit and script. Then you go to pharmacy and pay what ever it is.
Still probably cheaper than what it costs here.

Thanks - that’s helpful - never normally been asked for a script but last time was 2yrs ago so maybe it’s changed now

They don’t always ask for a script, but you will see signs posted, that if you are caught with a medication without one, you could be arrested. So I really don’t know if they would really arrest you for insulin, but you never know.
It helps to know a little Spanish. In Tijuana everyone speaks English. Most signs are in English and Spanish.
Outside of there, I really don’t know