Microalbumin, any one can help me understand this

My last test said it was 48, should be 30. They Dr. Was a bit concerned but im freaking out over this. Does this indicate kidney failure? I feel so trapped.

Creatinine is 97 and total urine protein was 130

First, let me say don’t panic. If you panic and stress out this may cause a rise in your BG levels. That won’t help you out at all.

Second, maybe this will help you to understand the test and what they do. Go to this site by clicking here. You will notice on the second page under the heading abnormal values that it says " You may need more than one test to find out how well your kidneys are working. When your kidneys do not work well and leak between 165 and 300 mg of albumin in 24 hours, your doctor may check your urine more often to watch for kidney damage. If your kidneys leak 300 mg or more of albumin in 24 hours (macroalbuminuria), you may have chronic kidney disease. If you have 2 or 3 high results in a 3- to 6-month period and you have diabetes, your doctor may find kidney damage (diabetic nephropathy). Even though diabetes is the most common reason for high results, there are many other kidney problems that can cause high results." So don’t panic immediately, it’s just a slightly high abnormal value. It may mean that you need to take another type of medication such as Lipitor.

If you like you can check out my site by clicking here. Go under the category Diabetic Dictionary and you will find other useful information about other types of lab tests. I will be posting one next Wednesday on Microalbumin, partially due to questions like yours.

I hope you find this information helpful, if you would like to ask me further questions, go to my contact page here.

Adam Garcia

Be be real with you, right now im just sitting her thinking i have less than 10 years left to live… more like 5 if that even. Im losing all hope.


Deep breaths. You don’t have 5 years left! Please, please don’t panic. The results are just slightly elevated. Was this a 24-hour urine collection test?

No i wish, it was a random spot test along with my blood work. Im going to the DR next week and im going to demand all kinds of answers and ask for more testing

Even less reason to panic. Don’t have to tell you how variable results can be depending on the lab.