Microalbumin hell. Scared. Guys, help me!

Hi Brian I appreciate you dedication to society I was diagnosed type 2 diabetics a month half ago with post lunch 290 pre 180
Recently my levels are around 100 and 120 pre iam on glucomate 850 sr one tablet a day and yesterday I checked for microalbumin it came around 44mg/DL random test , today it came around 35/dl early morning , I am scared are my kydneys failing , I am 35 years old,my serum creatinine levels are 1.0mg/DL and blood urea 23mg/DL ,I haven’t got bp please help me with your valuable suggestions
Thank you

Hi Kumar-

Unless I misunderstand you, your creatinine level seems to indicate no kidney damage right now.

Many things can explain a slightly elevated microalbumin level such as yours. Your microalbumin level is not very high and could be caused by something as simple as the last meals you took, or not enough drinking. So I would not fret at this time.

I am not quite sure how much water you drink every day. For sure, as a diabetic you need to be walking around with a water bottle in your hand:-) That’s what I tell my son once a week. In terms of preventive habits, that is the first thing I would do. I hear of some diabetic nephrologists requiring their patients to drink 3/4 gal water per day, pre-measured at the beginning of the day - possibly you should look into this?

But, whatever else you do, if you are worried at all, the first thing I’d do is to go see a nephrologist. This way, you can get some follow-up over the next 6 months, see what sustained microalbumin levels you have (my understanding is that you need to look at numbers over a period of time), and get a professional to evaluate the problem. From where I stand, it may be nothing - touch on wood! However, as Ronald Reagan used to say, “Trust but verify”!

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Thank sir for your time and reply sir one more thing
Will my levels will be normal should I start any medication for albumin and the levels of albumin can they become normal?

Hi Kumar
those levels look only slightly elevated, and as @WestOfPecos mentioned, can be for a lot of reasons.
I think your number 1 goal now should be to aim for Blood sugars in the normal range. i would definitely talk this over with your doctor. Also the possibility of starting a blood pressure lowering drug, as lower BP is known to protect your kidneys.
Early changes to the structures in your Kidney can be reversible, afaik.
with your Creatinin they seem to be in range, you are definitely not in kidney failure atm.
good luck! :four_leaf_clover:

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Thank you for your words , my bp is like 120 andand 110 so is it OK for me to start medication for bp for albumin what sort of medication do you recommend so that I can ask my doctor

Again, please don’t start taking any medication without your doctors consent.
if this comes out to be early diabetic nephorpathy (which i am still not convinced about) you can ask your doctors for sartans or ACE-inhibitors. those are #1 drug for this type of stuff. From what i have learned even with a preexisting normal BP they can help.


Kumar, @swisschocolate is right - more than likely it is NOT connected to diabetes-related kidney damage. it is also a very mild microalbumin level you are exhibiting.

The last thing you’d want to do is take strong drugs with possible side effects if you don’t need them:-) Imho, the best thing is to talk this over with your doctor, and figure it if you even need to take anything. But I would not worry unduly!

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Hi thanx but my doctor says its OK not to worry ,is it possible to get the levels below to normal?

I am not a doctor and I can’t give medical advice:-) But, from sheer common sense, I would say that:

  • keeping tight control over your BG will help, since less glucose will be spilling through your kidneys
  • drinking a lot will help (at least 1/2 gal per day)
  • proteins are harder on kidneys so less proteins in your food might decrease the kidney risk. For sure, drinking a lot when eating high protein meals would be a good thing.
    All of these would be helpful in decreasing risk of kidney disease.

If you are really concerned about it, I am not sure if you are just on Metformin or if you are taking insulin. If you are only taking Metformin, taking insulin may be helpful to control your BG better. But, then again, this is a discussion to have with a GP or an endocrinologist.

Some others may have additional recommendations?

Hi I just found today I have got uti may be it is the reason for microalbumin leak and I am on metformin. I check regularly now 100 and 110 pre and post meal