Microvascular therapy (MVT)?

Has anyone here been treated with MVT? One patented approach is owned by http://www.neurovasix.com/MicroVas.html. Their site says it is “a patented, non-invasive treatment device, that delivers a deeply penetrating electrical waveform, that drains the venous beds and raises oxygen levels in damaged tissue to accelerate healing.”

I ask because a friend needs to go off NSAIDs because of also having atrial fib and is at high risk for stroke with the NSAIDs/atrial fib combo.
There are no other meds that are not addicting to replace them, to my knowledge. So, I don’t want to hear about “what works for me” unusual home treatments but just info from those who have had the microvas treatment and whether it worked or not for you. I haven’t found much research on it.

My friend has used NSAIDs for many years to keep her severe, severe neuropathy pain under control.
So I will appreciate any feedback on MVT. Oh, and yes she has T2 diabetes, well controlled (A1c 5s to low 6’s). Thank you very much.