Military help

I’m a 19 year old US Marine and i was just diagnosed last week with type 1 diabetes. this consequently makes me non deployable. the dr’s also told me i would most likely get medically separated. is this true? what will happen? anyone with any knowledge would be great.

Polsar, you may want to get in touch with member Charles Adams. I believe he is active duty Marines. He may have some helpful info and advice for you.

Good luck.

Polsar you can join a group here called Military and Diabetes.
The members there may be able to guide you…

Hi Polsar! Welcome to TuDiabetes. You must be dealing with a lot with your recent diagnosis. We all know how tough this is…

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for a discussion about diabetes and the military. It sounds like it is possible to stay in, but you have to keep REALLY tight control. So your best move it to learn as much about diabetes as soon as possible. Work closely with your medical team to learn how to keep really tight control. It is not easy, but it can be done.

I would recommend the book “Using Insulin” by John Walsh. It’s a really comprehensive guide.