Minimed CGMS

Today I started on my CGMS. Going in, and even dating back to looking at the literature for it at my endo’s office, my biggest mental hurdle was the apparent large needle size to insert. I am a bit of a needlephobe even after 2 years of T1, so I definitely would like the smallest and fewest needles I can get. But after deciding that the benefits would likely out weigh the occasional owwie that I might have from insertion, I decided to go for it with my MM pump.

I inserted my first sensor today and I’m happy to report that it was pretty much painless! I’m in awe of how something seemingly so thick causes so little pain, but I guess that truly is the difference between intramuscular injections and injections into fat. It bled a little bit over the course of the day which freaked me out a little bit, but my trainer told me this was normal and perhaps even a good thing because it shows there is fluid flow in that area.

The only minor inconvenience I’ve found with it so far is that it is relatively easy to create a weak signal just by lying down on your sensor. It cannot transmit to your pump through your body, so if you lay on it it will probably stop transmitting. I may have to start putting it in a more frontal area so that I can lay down on the couch without worrying about disrupting my signal.

The accuracy issue hasn’t presented itself so far yet. All of the calibrations I’ve done were within a few points or so. We’ll see how it does after a few days though.

I’m pleased so far. It’s nice to just press a button on my pump and get a general idea of where my sugar is and where it’s going rather than having to stick myself everytime I want to know.

I am a total needlephobe and I’ve been a diabetic for 13 years, Still absolutely hate them. I just started on the minimed pump a week ago and this tuesday I am going in to start my CGM. I am quite a bit nervous cause that needle is giant!! I was a little scared with the pump site needle, But I was pleasntly suprised with how painless it was. Definately a step up from 4-6 shots a day : )

It’s not that bad. It stung a little bit inserting it because I didn’t let the alcohol on my skin dry entirely before inserting, but it’s like an odd feeling. You can feel the needle go in, but it doesn’t hurt because it’s so quick. It can hurt if you insert at the wrong angle which is why they have the inserter that comes with it with the flat little feet you can rest on your skin so that it positions it correctly. I imagine if you hit some muscle with that thing, you’re in for some major discomfort lol