Alexis is on the pump : )

After much anticipation, she’s finally hooked up! The Medtronic trainer arrived at 10:30 am and I must say did a wonderful job. Alexis loved her. The training took about 2 1/2 hours (we had completed the pump school training last night) so the the training went pretty smooth. Alexis inserted the site herself using the Quick-serter. According to her, she didn’t even feel it. She currently is using the 23" (60 cm) tubing with 6 mm cannula but the trainer suggested we switch to the 9mm one. The only complaint Alexis had was that the saline solution burned a little. After the 3rd bolus she was no longer feeling the burning. The trainer will be back on Tuesday to put her on the insulin and train us on the Continuos Glucose Sensor. So far, so good : )

Thank you Robert : )

Have a wonderful weekend!

Yeah! You’ll both love it. I’m new to the cgm, so I’m just learning how to interpret the readings. When I don’t wear it, I feel “naked.”

I love my MM pump and have been on it 18 months. PLEASE watch the 9mm! For me they were too long and significantly hurt me when I inserted them. I am 5’10" and weigh 155 lbs and unless Alexis has a lot of body fat I bet she’ll like the 6mm’s.

Toni, how long have you been using the cgm?

Thanks Joe, maybe I’ll leave her with the 6mm then if we have any problems with it we can always switch.

Sorry I’m just answering this, but I’ve been away for the weekend. I’ve been on the cgm since the beginning of December, and loving it. I have my first A1c coming up next month, so we’ll see if there has been any improvement. Right now I feel I’m in a huge learning curve.