Minimed revel 723 vs minimed 530g

My medicaid insurance only will cover the minimed revel 723. What's the difference between the Revel 723 and the 530g? I know the 530g has the CGM

The reason is Medicare is so stupid in that they don't cover CGM and the 530G is a bundled system and has predictive technology usingthe CGM.. I have the 723, I am on medicare but I pay out of pocket for all CGM supplies and use the Older CGM model does not have that technology.

I am on the 523 which I believe is the same generation as the 723 pump. The brand new 530G - as I understand it, has 2 specific differences vs the previous generation ParDogm Revel Pumps:

  1. it was specifically tested with the new, smaller more flexible CGM device (more on this later) and
  2. it has a Low Threshold limit which - in conjunction with the CGM kills the pump to prevent serious hypoglycemic episodes.

Medtronics has data that show Diabetics in the test using the system stopped the decline in BG faster and rebounded faster than those who did not use the system. Also they report people using the system "felt more secure (>92%).

My insurance will not cover a new pump until 2016. However, with a little work, they
Did ok covering the new Enlite CGM which works great with the old transmitter and pump. And is Infinitely better/more more reliable than the other one. It has really helped me already!!! It lasts 6 days. Is accurate. And had alertd me to to several nastyows and a low I would have used and would have bee n embarrasing.


I don't think there is any difference between the two pumps. If you are not going to use the CGM then the Revel is the right choice.

Can you still get a Revel? I keep saying this, but my CDE said they may not be making or offering new ones to anybody soon because they have put their efforts into the new pump which is only approved with CGM in mind.

I think you CAN still get a Revel - they have to have an offering for people whose insurance excludes CGMS.

I'm hoping because it may be the direction I need to move in when warranty is up next year!

Maybe my clinic just meant there was no new model to upgrade to for those who just want a plain pump.

If your insurance doesn’t cover CGM then you will get the Revel!

It would be nice if I still want one, to be able to get some assistance with the cost. Sitting now with a lovely 50 percent copay. Yikes!

Can you tell me how much the CGM is for the 530? My warranty is up and I have to get a new Medtronic pump. I just started on Medicare and Medtronic informed me that I have to get the 723. They didn't even offer the CGM. Didn't even ask if I would want to pay for the CGM and its supplies out of pocket. I am thinking about seeing if I can get the CGM and just paying for it myself, but would like some idea of the cost.