Paradigm/Revel ---ADVICE needed ASAP

Revel useres-- NEED ADVICE ASAP -- just discovered my MM Paradigm 522 pump is out of warranty this week...for insurance reasons, I would need to upgrade by January 1st...any advice from users that upgraded from paradigm to revel. I was certainly hoping for better features than offered

I upgraded to the Revel from my 722 in September. I also have the CGM now, which was not covered by insurance four years ago. Call Medtronic and they will handle the paperwork for you. Do it today! I don't know your insurance coverage, but better to have it covered 100% now than after Jan 1. Darn thing is $8000US.

I upgraded from the 515 to the Revel recently. Other than CGM connectivity (which the 515 didn't have), I saw some little things. Like on the screen where you enter/verify your bolus, it tells you your active insulin in the corner. The Active Insulin (IOB) is also shown on the Status screen (I don't think the older units did that). You can bolus/basal in smaller increments than .1 units (which doesn't much matter to me).

There's also some stupid things, like changing some language ("Rewind" is changed to "Reservoir Setup", "Prime" becomes "Fill Cannula"). While using these functions you get annoying questions like "Are you disconnected? Yes/No" or "Do you see drops at end of tubing? Yes/No".

For me, integrating with the CGM was the big thing - but your 522 already had that. No other changes are really notable to me.

thanks…yep, features aren’t that enticing ither than smaller basal options which will help me
wish alarms were louder & screen improved but for INS reasons I need to upgrade

thanks–I called yesterday:)… hope they r quick!

I have been very happy with my Revel. It is reliable and time-tested, two things that are more important to me than bells and whistles. While I do wish the alarms were a bit louder, that's about the only gripe I have with it. I looked at the Ping, but went with the Revel mostly because of the integrated CGM (which I rarely use, but it's nice to have) and the experience Minimed has with insulin pumps. What scares me the most about pumping is the fact that I'm hooked up to something 24/7 that could kill me if it malfunctions. So, I want a product that is as reliable as possible. The small increments of insulin delivery are probably my next most important feature because I am very insulin sensitive and I need the ability to dose small amounts to maintain control.