Animas or One Touch Ping?

I’m torn between which Insulin Pump to choose.

What is your opinion on them? Which one is better?

Both are basically the same other than one has the continuous glucose monitor and the other has the wireless meter and water proof pump.

Hi Brandi! I just got the Animas Ping and I really like it! I got it because it is water proof, and the screen is really easy to read. Their customer service has been fantastic! GREAT people to deal with! If you are looking for a CGM, Animas does have one that is waiting to be approved by Health Canada. According to what I was told, they are expecting it to be approved towards the end of this year. When it comes out, I am going to check it out for sure, and if I like it, I’ll swap mine, for the new one.

Best thing is to contact each company and have them meet with you to show you each pump. I did that, and my preference was the Ping by Animas by far.

Good Luck!

I have the PING. I chose it for the waterproof feature. I wore the CGM from Medtronic for awhile and hated it. I never use the remote function on the meter because I think the meter that comes with the PING is terrible. The screen is hard to read, it’s slow and it’s super sensitive to temperatures (won’t work if hot). I love the screen on the PING and it is much easier to read than the Medtronic one. Other than that they do the same thing pretty darn well. One of the really nice things about the PING is that when the upgrade comes out in a year or less you can get the new one for $299 (another deciding factor for me).

None of the Animas pumps have a CGM that works with them, unless you are in Europe. The Animas Vibe communicates with the Dexcom G4 CGM. Hopefully it’ll be released here soon! I LOVE my pink Ping and my dexcom :wink:

Since we are in Canada, the remote/meter for the Ping has the same screen as the Ping. Very easy to read!