Minimed Silhouette Sets

I use the quicksets with my minimed 722 but have major problems with absorption in my thighs/buttocks so my CDE suggested I try the silhouettes. MM sent me 2 (yes only 2) samples of them yesterday & I also bought the serter on my own b/c there is no way I’m putting that thing in manually lol. Anyway … I was a bit intimidated after looking at the set and trying to figure out how to insert it. Does anyone who uses these have any tips? I would appreciate it =)

I tried them too I think in my first year with the minimed. I don’t know what size canula you have but my samples were the longer one, and the absoption was really good. It was just really hard to get them in and I got bloody sites a lot with them. I used the serter for them too. I ended up staying with the quick set but using the smaller canula size. Don’t know if that will help you any. Hope things work out for you.

I use the 13 mm canula and like the Sihouette a lot, primarily because it is very easy to disconnect and reconnect. Thankfully, no absorbtion problems (yet) after about 5 years.

I use my upper thighs as my infusion site. The angled insertion is a little tough to get used to, but I am very comfortable with it now. Sometimes I also vary the direction – going right to left or top to down – just for variety.

As for insertion – you’ve probably figured this out, but, in case you have not: remove the tape from the front end of the canula just after insertion, then disconnect the serter, then pull out the needle, then pull off the rest of the tape. After a while, it becomes second nature (as does all of this stuff).

The needle looks bigger because it is going in on the diagonal, but it hurts me less than the straight-in needles did.

I have tried it on my stomach but have trouble with the canula tape staying on. I cannot get twisted around enough to get it on the backside.

Good luck!!

I use Comfort infusion sets, which are the same as Silhouette for non-Minimed pumps.

I insert them manually (I didn’t even know there was a serter!!). I follow the same method described by Jonathan. When inserting it I pinch the skin and insert it into the fat at approx a 30 degree angle. I use mainly my upper things and butt. For thighs I have only even inserted pointing towards my toes (but I will experiment with this-- thanks Jonathan!). For inserting of the upper butt, just below the belt, I insert horizontally.

I like inserting manually because if I start inserting and feel a sharp pain, I remove immediately and try somewhere else. This way, I avoid inserting in a painful place. Most often when I insert it, I do not have pain. My diabetes educator told me that I am the world’s slowest inserter, but I prefer doing it this way!

I tried the QuickSet a few times (also inserted manually-- no one ever told me about these fancy insertion devices!!), but often the cannula bent and after a few dramatic highs, I figured that angled sites are my kind of infusion site!

Also, just as a note, I get 5 days out of a Comfort/Silhouette infusion site!! I only have problems with absorption on the 6th day. I realize that this might not be the best decision in the long run, as my former insertion sites take longer to heal, but it saves money and is quite convenient.

Also, I know that some people use Silhouettes for some insertion sites (where they have less fat, i think) and QuickSets for others… and this works well for them. So there’s always the option to mix it up!!

Hope that you have good experiences with the Silhouettes!

I use the sil’s in my thighs. I also manually insert them as it is less painful and I have more control that way. I do not have enough fat in my thighs to use any infusion set but that one. I always get good absorption there, in fact I prefer my thighs over any other place.

I use the Sillouettes exclusively. I absolutely HATE the serter for them. It’s the scariest piece of medical equipment I’ve ever used. I prefer to insert them manually as I have more control over depth, angle etc.

Interesting that there seems to be a preference to manual insertions over the insertion device. I’ve had to do it manually a couple of times and am so hesitant to stab myself with it that I go too slowly and cause greater discomfort. Also, I never got the angle exactly right. The inserter is awkward, but I like the spring action on it. One would think that the manufacturers would come up with an insertion method that is a little more ergonomic or user friendly.

There’s a new slanted insertion set out this year called the Inset 30 that comes packaged in its own serter (like the straight-in Insets). Multicolored, and not too difficult to use. The problem I had with them had more to do with where I was putting them (hips) and the fact that I was pulling them accidentally pretty often. I recently revisited the Comfort Shorts (same as Comforts but with a 13mm cannula) and discovered that I do better when I can manually insert and check for “uncomfiness” before taping it down.
The slanted sets do have a learning curve associated with them, I think. Finding the right angle, and the right spot out of harm and clothing’s way, is tricky. On the plus side, they do give you some more options of places to put sites. They require a bit of patience and practice. The first time I had to do a manual insertion with them I freaked out a bit by how big the needle was. Just take your time, read the instructions carefully, and be willing to make a mistake or two in the process. Look out for bunching adhesive patches, for instance - they’ll get you every time.
Good luck!

Looks like some sort of medieval torture device. I think part of why it hurts is because it is so far away from the skin and goes in so fast and you can’t control the angle with the inserter.

Here’s a really detailed guide about how to insert Silhouette/ Comfort infusion sets.

I’ve always used them. Tried the others but the asorbition rate wasn’t any good for me. The way I do it and maybe it’s b/c I’ve always used them but I just manually insert them by counting to 10 and then just doing it! When they told me to use the quicksets and gave me an inserter to go with it I thought it was too easy which with me in the long run was more than right! Good Luck!!!

I also insert slow, its a must otherwise I hit somewhere horribly painful, or it gets filled with blood.