Misconceptions with teachers!

Hi everyone!

I wanted to post this because I really need advice on how to del with a little something that goes like this

“Gabriella you miss so much of my class because your blood sugars are out of range. Why are you not mangaing your Diabetes?”

Gabriella “I heard you were low again 2nd period what are you doing wrong?”

“Gabriella you need a pass to go to the nurse” (BG 50 at the time of this statement"

Gabriella “You have the most severe Diabetes I have ever seen!”

I can’t take it anymore I need it to stop! My A1C is 6.5 I am taking amazing care of myself the best that I possibly can! I have the best pump on the market and an amazing CGM. I try so hard day in day out. I want the teachers to stop it! They say to me all the time “Oh I have so many students with diabetes none are like you”

Well might I mention I am testing at least 10 times a day Wearing 2 needles 24 hours a day 7 days a week. My A1C is 6.5! Unlike the other students I refuse to walk around school with a BG above 2-300 all day! I like to see the beautiful earth I live on I like to listen to christian music I don’t have time for dialysis I don’t feel like loosing my fingers and toes! THAT"S WHY I TEST IN CLASS THAT"S WHY I TAKE CARE OF MYSELF!!! Teacher’s at my school think they know everything I want them to stop thinking they know everything and get some real education! I would like to see them handle TYPE ONE DIABETES for a single class period them self let alone all their life!