My story of Diabetes is a long one over recent years i have had 5 misdiagnosis of various things. Today i am feeling pretty low about it all. Not long till chemical pathology so hopefully this will get resolved soon! You see when you don’t present in the “Norm” you get misdiagnosis after misdiagnosis. But whilst the docs are busy getting it wrong you get ill er and damage is done. The “Norm” being thirst etc Oh and how GPs like you to be obese sad really. They say its darkest before the dawn. I have finally found a consultant who is into lean genes so that’s a start i guess been through two consultants already third time lucky! Alot of the information is confusing and in contradiction to another view. Such as AC1 results whats ok and whats too high. It seems to me they “move the goal posts” to suit there budget! I have had to insist on tests as My GP just wanted to wait until it was too late. Why are they so keen on that? Why are they so keen on using type 2 when they have not tested to be sure that you are getting the right treatment Example Metformin damages LADA but they put you on it blindly with no evidence that you are in fact insulin resistant as a pose to autoimmune! Put simply its the cheapest answer take a pill eat less carbs and go away! When you become depressed the Chuck anti depressants at you which in fact makes insulin resistance worse! Instead of dealing with the problem. I believe we are getting a raw deal. Obese people are LADA or MODY but they don’t make sure they just chuck drugs at you.Well i for one am fed up with it. I am cross i had to find this all out in order to challenge this no evidence based diagnoses attitude. If all they use is numbers they are often mistreating your illness. They don’t suffer you do.

Metformin is widely used to improve glycemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes. It does not stimulate insulin secretion or induce hypoglycemia and does not promote weight gain. Gluconeogenesis is suppressed, and stimulation of peripheral glucose uptake is increased (45). Such characteristics are useful in the typical obese type 2 diabetic patient (46) but also in nonobese individuals with type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, one potential problem associated with the use of metformin is the development of lactic acidosis in a patient at high risk of becoming insulin-dependent. Metformin has been tested in an experimental model of autoimmune diabetes; however, it did not affect the course of the disease as well as the lymphocytic infiltration in the islets of the NOD mouse (47), indicating that this compound does not interfere with the pathogenic process leading to β-cell destruction. Nevertheless, by controlling blood glucose levels, metformin may be able to protect β-cells from continuous hyperstimulation of insulin secretion if it is used in patients who do not sufficiently control blood glucose levels with diet alone.

But Metformin in LADA often leads to metobolic issues The faster you get on insulin as a LADA the better the more Beta cells you can save the better. But Docs blindly dish out type 2 insulin resistant drugs without first finding out what is the root of the issue

Wow… You seem to be in exactly the same place as me. We even have the same a1c :wink: I was dx 1.5 years ago and still trying to find proper answers and care. I went through 3 Drs here in Ontario who all replied “Whats LADA” when I tried to educate them. I’ve asked to see a specialist but its fallen on deaf ears. I’m 46, 6’ tall and 155lbs; obviously not your typical Type 2.

I’m currently taking Metformin so I’ll see what my next a1c is. If I see no change I will stop taking it. My Dr also tell me she wants me to be taking a stain drug for “slightly” elevated cholesterol. I have refused this.

Right now my numbers seem ok but if they start to creep up I will not stop until I find someone who is willing to listen to me.


i have been increased to 3000mg of metformin max dose on protein diet i have repeatedly protested this I have stated over and over how do you know i am insulin resistant arr well the numbers??? what the hell are you talking about if i am insulin resistant how come protein and fat diet and max dose has failed!!! After 2 years of constant protest i am close to getting tested i don’t care which one i am i just want to be sure i am on the right treatment!

Ok, first, I am not aware that metformin is linked at all with metabolic issues. If you have any information, I’d like to know.

Second, metformin has a maximum dose of 2550 mg, not 3000 mg. I am a big guy and none of my doctors have ever suggested going over the maximum. I would be concerned about being dosed at that level and would question the doctor. I would want to see some sort of study that support use above maximum. There are studies of Byetta being used above maximum, but I don’t know of any metformin studies.

I also never responded to metformin. The way I demonstrated that metformin was a “fail” was by starting and stopping metformin treatment more than once and measuring blood sugars and A1cs. Basically, go for three months on metformin, see what you blood sugar control is, stop metformin, go three months, then again see how your blood sugar goes. Do this another time to make sure. If you don’t see any change,then you can be pretty sure it is useless.

Despite my feelings that metformin did not improve my blood sugars, I am still taking it at maximum dose even though I have started insulin. I feel it is very safe and that it can improve insulin sensitivity, an important thing, especially when you are taking insulin.

Metformin can create absorption of carbs issues i know because i get them. Alao lactic acidosis My GP told me to take 3000mgs and stated thats the max dose see this is what i am talking about! Contradiction You see mis information. All Metformin seens to do is impact on fasting carbs there is no study that proves it lowers high Blood sugars it does stop the liver puting out more Glucose but that doesn’t lower sugars just stops them getting higher. If your on insulin are you Insulin resistant type 2 or LADA?

Sorry Fasting blood sugars opps

I suffer brain issues when my sugars spike i get confused i know most people get that when they are low but i get muddled and my memory is not all that when i am in swing. Doc tells me thats NORMAL

Well i was right i have been mis diagnosed and should not be on metformin!!! See they are whatless they go with easy not actually looking outside the box until you become a pain in the arse! I am NOT insulin resistant i am reactive Hypo but cause unknown! as of yet insulin tests results not in yet though. But for best part of 20 years they have got it WRONG!

Yes it is real tough to live with Once the insulin and c-peptides come in i should learn if its related to LADA or something else.I will keep you posted. I am still off work he chemical pathologist was not optimistic they will find the cause. I must say i do feel vindicated. My mood much improved. For now lmao

So sorry what you’ve been forced to endure. Far too often sagas like yours occur. I become militant learning how many are misdiagnosed, shrugged off & their needs ignored. Some people are able to be assertive & demand proper care, but others passively accept whatever they’re told. Too many doctors wait until diabetes has progressed to take action. Yes, easier for doctors to assume T2 based on age & much easier to prescribe pills than take the time to instruct on insulin use. Less liability in pills than insulin as well. It seems that medical professionals are trying to save insurance companies bucks to protect their income. Better for them to get coverage from office visits than “waste” insurance funds on tests when money’s tight.

I third the statin refusal! I was told I had high cholesterol as a 100 lb 19 year old and immediately put onto Lipitor. After a few days on it I was so weak that I could not get out of bed, called the dr who replied “Oh thats just one of the rare side effects, I’ll call you in a new one” Uhhh…NOO!! I never took another cholesterol med again. My overall cholesterol is perfect, my good cholesterol is off the charts and my bad cholesterol is very low.

Claire, I get the EXACT same way when my bg is high! I had what I called “brain fog” for a four years between my gestational diabetes and diagnosis 4 years later and now I know what it’s caused by! I am very sensitive to highs, anything over 150 and I am very “foggy” and unable to concentrate.

I have recently been through the exact same thing. I basically diagnosed myself as LADA with the help of the others on this forum and demanded the doctor give me proper tests and diagnosis because he labeled me as a “type 2” even though I am 23 years old, highly active, and 100 lbs. Well he was WRONG I was rediagnosed as LADA in December and started on insulin about 4 weeks ago. Glad you are a fighter too! Sadly we must fight for a correct diagnosis. Keep us updated!

I was one of the many initially misdiaganosed LADAs. I was put on metformin – they same saga as a lot of LADAs – honeymooned for about a half a second and then shot up with BGs above 500. That finally led to a GAD65 and C-peptide test revealing that I was T1 (LADA). I have read a lot of white papers and abstracts about metformin but never heard of this link to metabolic issues either. Claire, would you please provide a link to the clinical study that discusses this? I would really like to take a good look at the findings and analysis. Thanks!

http://www.diabetesvoice.org/files/attachments/article_5_en.pdf I am not sure if this is the right link i read it somewhere just can’t remember where lol brain farts out. Anyhow i read that it doesn’t help and can cause metobolic issues maybe diabetes uk. Not quite sure this paper questions its use. its a interesting read

The efficacy of sulfonylureas has
not been formally tested, although
they often appear to be effective
at first in these relatively insulinsensitive
people. However, it is
evident that sulfonylureas do not
arrest progression to insulin
dependency in people with LADA.
Whether metformin is of benefit
is unclear.The drug may be
contraindicated in those with
LADA as there is a theoretical
risk of severe metabolic
disturbance in people who
progress to insulin dependency