MM reservoirs: fill in advance?

Does anyone know if there is any reason that one could not pre-fill a few reservoirs so they are ready to go when needed?

The only thing I can think of is if the o-ring lubrication (or the o-rings) and/or the rubber end seal are not designed to be refrigerated but I think that is a long shot.


Hi Dep,

Insulin starts to degrade once it goes into the plastic reservoir. It has a long, refrigerated shelf life in the glass vial, but once it goes into plastic, the timer starts ticking. Various folks have different opinions, but from what I’ve read in the discussion here, 5 days is about the most life you can get out of insulin in a plastic reservoir.

Maybe you could just fill one reservoir, say a day or so in advance of your next set change. Get it ready the night before, or whatever. Then the insulin wouldn’t be sitting around in plastic for too terribly long.

Cheers, Mike

I think Novolog just approved 6 days. I’m not sure about other insulins.

i do this all the time because i never change all the pump parts at the same time. for example, yesterday i left for work with 4 units remaining so i fill a new reservoir, put it in my bag and carried to work. when my pump hit zero, i connect the new reservoir to the existing tubing and continued using the same site. worked like a charm. and … i use each site for seven (or more) days and this allows me to change as needed.
i also reuse reservoirs. never had a problem with numbers in 13 years of pumping.

I am wondering how you have gotten away with using the same site for 7 days!?! This seems unsafe to me, like an infection waiting to happen. Does your Dr. know ?

I change mine the night before I go to school, if I know I am going to have to change it the next day, just becasue it is easier when I am not still tired in the morning, then I put it in with my meter, and it is easier to take to school than having to draw it up at school. I also had to do this at Monster Jam one time… that was interesting :smiley: