Mobile version of this site (i.e. app)?

Wondering if there is a mobile version of this site, an app, or some other way to access it through my iPhone...?

FYI - I would support a fundraising drive for an app, if there isn't one out there already.

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The site already has a mobile version that works... just not very well. This is something that I am willing to work on actually, at least for the iPhone as I have a developer account, I just want to coordinate with some of the people beforehand. :)

cool to hear that!!! :)

wow Richmatic, that would be awesome to be able to improve the app! I don't bother using the app and just look at stuff on my phone. Unfortunately, my eyes are getting to where I can't read fine print very well so it's not very comfortable.

With the migration to the new platform, you should be able to get a gorgeous user experience on your mobile device. :slight_smile: