Mody mody mody!

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting a family of MODY diabetics. I felt rather bad that I didn’t know more about the condition but the family was very happy to enlighten me.

I began to think why don’t we hear more about MODY in the diabetic community? It is actually a very interesting condition. It it so super rare? I read that it is referred to as a lite Type 1.

I am not so sure that MODY is a light T1. It is definitely genetic from what I understand. Many people with MODY can use a sulfonurea to get their BG under control because MODY has something to do with the way the body produces insulin and the sulfs correct that defect.

From what I understand, MODY is more common that we think. There is genetic testing available but very expensive.

MODY has several different subtypes, and probably many more that haven’t been identified. They run the gamut from being more T1-like to being more T2-like, it really depends on the specific gene that’s mutated. It’s a very interesting disease but doesn’t get a lot of play because it is relatively rare in the general population (but can be very common in a family with a history of it). That must have been a great experience to meet them! It’s certainly not something most of us will get to do!