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To start, I do not have Diabetes. If that disqualifies me in your mind as not being able to talk about disease and health then there is no need to read the rest of this post.

I began my foray into a world of alternative health from being raised by 2 parents who wanted to raise children outside of the system. Our Mom and Dad were raised in 2 very large northeast cities. They went to church and lived on sugar, meat and overcooked vegetables in the 1950’s. Because of the religious and thought suppression that existed in my parents childhoods, they decided to raise their family in a house on a mountain, isolated and free from outside influence. We had no electricity, no running water during the winter and no telephone. It was amazing and wonderful to have grown up here, on our own terms. I was born in a hospital as the first child and after the experience of this, my mother decided to have the rest of her children at home, delivered by my father. I remember both of my siblings being born at home, one upstairs and one downstairs; they were very happy moments. People thought we were crazy and people even prayed for us. They told us they were praying and we thought…Umm…Why?

When I used to bring my homemade bread to school, I hated the way it looked different from the boloney sandwiches and candy that the other kids had, but over the years I began to see the positive differences in my physical and mental performance. We had a huge garden that supplied us with food and pure clean water to drink while nature surrounded us in a very Thoreauean manner.

We had soy burgers in the early 1970’s, honey as a sweetener, organic greens, brown rice, stress reduction… all the stuff that has become popular today, but implemented 30 years ago, lending to our current health and well being. Doctors were not part of our lives then and today we only use our self education to keep us healthy. We do not have any health insurance and are much better off this way. (actually I have a limited amount of emergency room insurance for accidents, but do not visit any doctors or partake in doctor oriented living)

Some people say to me “what if you get something?” …I will not get anything and if I create something that needs to be fixed I will heal it myself, which has happened on many occasions. By medical standards, I have had an STD, chronic lower back pain from a damaged disk, digestive problems, I have had motorcycle crash injuries, carpel tunnel syndrome, insomnia, eye styes, bronchitis, heart palpitations, anxiety, gum inflammation…that’s all I can think of now… All of it I dealt with in a professional manner, by myself, with my own training and experience, without doctors. Actually, the chronic back pain, which was 2 years of debilitating pain, was fixed by reading a doctor’s book; John Sarno, MD, who leads the way for Psychosomatic healing, so it wasn’t totally without doctors. His books have also allowed about 10 personal friends and family members of mine heal from chronic structural pain, some of who were very reluctant to believe me in the beginning. (since 1994 I have seen Sarno’s work become more and more accepted…but this is so slow! Even today, many people do not accept his many years of success) Do you want to wait for the proof and the mass acceptance? Or do you want to be healthy and happy now? The choice IS yours, regardless of what anyone tells you. I am not lucky to be without disease. There were many instances I could have fallen right into the traps of todays medicine. I am lucky to have been brought up in a life where open thinking was allowed and practiced, for that is what has kept me healthy.

I have not taken medication for years, I think last was in 1997. As young children we weren’t allowed to get vaccinated, although to enter elementary school in Florida we had to receive some vaccinations when we were above the age of 5 (by then our immune systems were very strong). I spent many years as a child reading about health from books in our house, talking to people about health and helping friends with health problems. Most people are too afraid to venture into this without approval from a doctor or scientific proof; they are too blocked mentally to even consider such a notion. When you begin to open up to other forms of living, the mind opens up to other forms of thought and belief; this also works the other way around.

Health is so easy when you open your mind to new things. I have seen extreme amounts of resistance, disbelief, accusations and even anger from people, not only on this network, but from other people I have encountered in life when trying to help. You cannot help everyone. Not everyone wants or needs it. But sometimes there will be a person that is ready and willing to take the steps they need, which is extremely liberating to them and very re-enforcing to me that this is the way to create and maintain health. All you have to do is read the right books. The Merck Manual is not one of them.


I want to thank you for taking the time to share so much about you and your background.

It definitely helps understand where you are coming from and what basis you have to write what you write.


Thank you. I still have to tone down my sarcasm. Everyone has a tough fight with something.

We are all part of the process of progressing, regardless of where we fit at this moment, we need to remember that, and I need to remember that.