More bad advice on television

My friend sent me this link.

What do you think?

It really really gets me mad when idiots like this on TV tell gullible people with diabetes to increase the amount of sugar in their blood. These are not the health professionals I would learn from. They are TV doctors. and they spout a lot of ..

For example, a great line, from this video:
"fruit has lots of water, so you lose weight on fruit'.

I'm tired of hearing people (I can't tell you how many) who are life-threateningly overweight with type 2 diabetes, and instead of taking care of it, they eat what they want with the supposed backing of all these theories -- like this one, that fruit is ok.

It's really NOT ok for them/us, until we get control of our blood sugar. If a person is careful about their carb/sugar intake and keeps their blood sugar at a good level and sometimes wants to indulge in some fruit, of course that's ok, but the overall message was not that.

I thought the first doctor was good. He said you had to be careful what kind of fruits and how much. That they were loaded with carbs and fructose, which could cause inflammation. Now I am interpreting his English (due to the accent) and what I took was that in a multi year study, with about 200K people, those that ate apples, and raspberries and prunes had a lowered risk of diabetes. I am interpreting it this way because he earlier talked about risk and then when he said "lowered the diabetes" I inferred the word "risk" (as I have a number of friends with that style of accent. He also said juice was not good for you (rush of sugar, fructose, and insulin).

Second dude was a bit more wishy washy, but he agreed no juice, advocated berries and other high fiber, low sugar fruits, and also said that ADA guidelines were not quite right for all patients as not everybody was the same. The poor guys are kind of stuck spouting ADA guidelines if they want to be heard on a large airing show like this.

First guy chimed in again that you want to avoid all these spikes which will in turn generate cravings and can cause a lot of weight gain.

Yes, they did conclude with "fruits are ok, they have a lot of water", but to me, in context and looked at as a whole, they came almost close to recommending lower carb without breaking the party line.

I'm only siding with them as compared to many others I've seen (like doctor Oz who will recommend an entire plate of pasta and all sorts of other carbs with no fat), this was at least somewhat balanced advice. And only on the one part of a potential diet, which is fruit. They certainly weren't anywhere near many common guidelines of "chow down on carbs, they're healthy".

That's my take anyway.

I had a Bartlett pear two weekends ago.

I had a plum over labor day weekend.

Now I feel guilty.

I eat fruit every day but not a huge portion, my insulin works great on fruit, I really like anything with a name that ends in Berries. But I never drink juice, eat dried fruit, or bananas. I think if I was controlling my BG with a diet then fruit would be a rare, rare treat, not a daily food choice.

It is such a huge, huge, YMMV sort of thing. A family member with T2, extremely well controlled currently with diet and exercise, does eat a piece, sometimes 2, a day. But not things that spike.