Does this alarm you? It should!

So, um, did you ever look at the forums and blogs on TuDiabetes, and someone comes along who is full of the fervor of the newly converted? Someone who espouses some crazy diabetes "cure" that runs counter to the successful experiences of hundreds of thousands of diabetics? Who rants about how all medicines are bad, and then turns out to be a Scientologist and a paranoid Glenn Beck fan into the bargain?

Caveat emptor and happy new year, everybody. ;)

There is always going to be someone extra fanatical about something they truly believe in. Whether that's Weight Watchers, low carbing, veganism, or being a raw foodie, or that new pregnancy hormone diet, etc. The problem therein lies on if they start believing the diet is going to cure them... or cure most of their ailments... or when they make assumptions that tight control is a cure. Sure, I have a lower A1C than some of the people claiming raw foodism is tops... and I'm not going to start claiming in any way, shape, or form, that low carbing has cured me... I'd be nuts to think that... But we still have to be somewhat gentle with those people... especially when they read books on quacks selling them miracles, snake oil, and nonsense. I'm sure we've all been there... I'm sure we've all bought an "As Seen on TV product" that just sounded AMAZING, and we wonder why more people aren't using it... It's the same with some diets, sometimes...

The new rage for some is that pregnancy hormone diet, I forget the name... but apparently, people have to eat only 500 calories a day... so DUH, anyone's gonna lose weight on that... lol But hey... whatever people use to achieve good control is OKAY... :) Just as long as they aren't deluding themselves into thinking they're cured, and their Diabetes will never degenerate... that's the true sad part.

Yes, I agree, Lizmari, that's the only thing that worries me when people espouse those "miracle cures" is that they won't do what is tried and true to manage their D because they think if they eat 50 sunflower seeds in a cup of mango juice they will be cured!

I find it interesting though, what happens when those people post on TuD. We have such a wonderful strong culture here that they are handled gently, without put-downs and given other perspectives, and hopefully it provides food for thought. I think the culture of 18,000 members is stronger than any fringe thinking, but also strong enough to allow them their beliefs while encouraging them to consider other choices. TuD rocks that way imho!

I agree with both of you, there are many quacky methods of taking care of all kinds of maladies, but I do think we have to look at them, and consider first their source, and then the basis behind them. And then consider IF the person who is spouting them, is a reliable person. I am not a big supporter of natural cures and it takes quite a bit to convince me that things will work for me…that’s why most docs don’t like to work with me, because I question them about everything. And that is our right! Question, investigate, and think about it…really consider if it’s something you will do for yourself.

It's positive that rational arguments are usually are able to convince these members that the latest snake oil cure is just that. Also, the spammers who join to hawk their wares are quickly banned. No one has ever lost money selling a cure or a quick weight loss plan. That pregnancy hormone diet is hCG.

I really hate it when people join things to promote their businesses or websites. It happens everywhere. People do it on FB now too - I call it “business spam”. People do it on meetup too. It is so irritating. Glad they kick those people out on here. I complain on FB and flag posts and nothing ever gets done.

FB is a commercial enterprise, so not surprising.

No, cheating! :slight_smile: Has to exactly be 50 and the mango juice has to be blessed by the D-god! :wink:

Considering all the years I’ve lived with this disease I’ve heard it all and I tell them all I’ll stick with what works…and then walk away.

My favorite one that I’ve heard in my daily life is when one of my co-workers said, “You know I have this friend who had diabetes. He went to an Amish doctor who looked in his eyes and read his irises and prescribed him some supplements and his diabetes was cured!” First I stared at him for a minute, then I said, “I have type 1 diabetes. It’s an autoimmune disease. I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with the irises of my eyes. But thanks anyway.” He said, “Oh”, looked disappointed, and walked off. :slight_smile: