More CGM oddities, or maybe it's just me

I really goobered up my CGM sensor today. Either that or my blood sugar has been monumentally insane! Which I suppose is totally possible.

Anyway, it started after exercising this morning. For once I actually did pretty well during exercise. I started my temp basal rate earlier and didn’t peak as high.

But then when I came home, things started to get weird. My CGM showed a falling trend with one arrow, but when I checked my blood sugar it was at the level it was before it started falling quickly.

I was worried I screwed up my sensor. I showered and all that good stuff, and checked my BS again about 30 minutes later. It was about the same, and this time my CGM trend was also leveled out – it was just about 30 points under my meter reading. Since it was straight for a while, I decided to calibrate.

I think this is where I went wrong. It was only an hour or so after exercising, which might have been too soon despite my trend leveling out. I ate breakfast (25 carbs), and managed to spike an hour later at 200 on my CGM! YUCK. But the weird thing was, the second I hit that 200, I then started to fall drastically.

As in, 5 minutes later it was 180, then 152, then 130, etc. And it kept falling until it read in the 40s. At this time, my meter was in the 60s. I corrected, but the CGM didn’t really catch up.

By lunch, my meter said 116, but my CGM was stuck on 48! Well, I had lunch and bolused normally. I few seconds into lunch, I noticed the CGM finally catching up to the 116 my meter said. It went from 48 to around 128 in maybe 15 minutes. I wasn’t sure what to make of this, so I checked with my meter and it read 148.

I seriously had a yo-yo headache by this point. The points on my CGM graph didn’t even connect!! Once again, I peaked too high about an hour after eating, my meter read 191, while my CGM was in the 160-170 range. And dropping.

This continued on until I finally leveled out on my CGM reading 145 or so. My meter reading at this point was 160 something. I calibrated, and ever since then I haven’t had any extreme rises and falls.

It was just so weird. My meter did confirm the highs and lows…but the trend was so erratic! 20+ points in 5 minutes! That frightens me if my BS was actually doing that.

I did feel like I was coming down with something this morning. My throat hurt a bit and I was run down and had a headache. It’s since passed. I don’t know if my BS was causing this, or if my feeling bad was causing the weird BS! I’m also close to starting my period, so that could also have something to do with it (haven’t had one since starting CGM).

This CGM sure is an interesting experience.

Hi Jaclyn, That happened to me before when my sensor came out just a touch. I caused a constant low arrow. The a low alarm when I was not. It took forever to come up but I trusted my meter. I called MM and they explain that if the sensor comes out just a hair this can happen.
Hope it helps
Be loved

I have something weird going on with mine. For the last 2 weeks about midnight, my sensor tells me i am 250 or higher, but when I check with my meter I am only 120-130. It is weird that it is happening at around midnight every single night. I called Medtronic about it today and they told me to call them as soon as it happens next time at midnight. It is agreeing pretty much with my meter during the day.

Thanks guys! As it turns out, I had to replace the sensor the next day as it was just showing a level line most of the day. Not going high or low to match my readings at all!

I did wonder at first if it was coming out of the site, so I was paranoid about checking to make sure it stayed in place.

Cody, that is super weird you’re getting a super high alarm when you’re not! Ack! Could it be that you’re rolling over on it in an odd way at night? Though I can’t imagine that causing too much of an issue, as I usually roll on mine and don’t have problems.

Anyway, once I got a new sensor in to replace the crazy one from this post, all has been well. I took Laura’s advice from the CGM group and didn’t start the sensor on my pump until the transmitter was already connected to the sensor for a few hours and that made all the difference in the world starting up—NO ERRORS! :slight_smile:

Haha, already time to change my sensor tomorrow, as I’ve yet to have one go past 6 days. Hopefully it will be agreeable again.

I called Medtronic and they swear that I am getting it because my blood sugars are rapidly changing at that time, but I have been paying attention and I have been in normal ranges for several hours before it does it and it is still doing it at night only. During the day it is going ok with it, so I ahve no clue.