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Dr. Chous is a doctor of optometry specializing in diabetes education in Tacoma, Washington. He is the author of Diabetic Eye Disease: Lessons From a Diabetic Eye Doctor (Fairwood Press, 2003), which can be ordered through the Web site

A key paragrapgh for those interested in nutrients:

"As for currently available nutriceuticals, benfotiamine is a non-prescription, fat-soluble form of Vitamin B1 (thiamine) that has been shown to block production of PKC and other biochemical modulators of diabetes complications; it totally prevented diabetic retinopathy in laboratory animals and is currently in human trials. Genestein, a soy isoflavone that blocks downstream VEGF receptors by inhibiting tyrosine kinase, has been shown to ameliorate retinal vascular permeability in diabetic animals and is currently available in an OTC eye supplement called Ocuvite DF."

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