More Trivia

These are responsible for over 3,000 ER visits each year.

What are they?

I would have to say, medical errors made by my former endochronologist.

Wait. I know. It is Curling injuries!!

Ok, that last answer was wrong. But I have it now. These ER visits are all due to “Low Carb Diets!


Ok. My final answer. This one is very dear to my heart. I’ve personally had my share of injuries, including a nasty knife wound weekend before last (kids, don’t drink and grill) and several burns leaving permanent scars. It must be “GRILLING ACCIDENTS.”

Dog bites (my neighbor was just biten on the butt.)


(I would say that, without ambulances, at least 3000 patients wouldn’t make it to the ER each year, right?)



Now I have a vision of countless people sitting in ER waiting rooms with crayons up their noses.

Actually, crayons up the noses is nothing. We are talking huge gaping crayon wounds, competitive crayon eating contests and stuff you don’t even want to think about.

You must be thinking of the dollar-store crayons. Crayolas are non-toxic.


Hot dogs are non-toxic as well, but when you eat enough they can do some serious damage.

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