Morning basal rate and the dawn phenomenon

My basal rate in the morning seems to be fine when I’m up at 7 am to get the kids off to school,but when I sleep in they seem to bring me too low.Right now my basal rates are:12a .050 4a.125 630a.300 When I sleep til 830a I go too low.I have the book Pumping Insulin but I really am not sure what to change.I have the dawn phenomenon.It says the rates need to be changed 4 to 6 hours before they take effect.Can anyone give me some insight?

Have you tried doing an alternate basal rate pattern for the days you plan to sleep in? With the Minimed, I know you can do a pattern A or B. I used it in college and could do MWF and TTH patterns depending on my class schedule. On the Cozmo I have now, it actually knows what day of the week it is and I can set up a different Sat/Sun schedule. That could help.

I assume you are delaying breakfast when you sleep in, so it could be that your basal rate is too high in general but that your morning insulin:carb ratio is too low and the high basal compensates for it on the mornings you’re up and actually eat, but without the food maybe you’re plummeting. I really tightened my breakfast insulin:carb ratio to help with the dawn phenomenon.

Don’t know what pump you use, but Animas has the same feature Melissa mentioned, so you can set a different rate for sleep- in days :slight_smile:

I have tried adjusting my basal rates giving less at around 4 am but when I did that I woke up with a 10.2mmol.I was showing ketones so I was without the proper amount.I have John Walsh’s Pumping Insulin.I hope I can find the right rate.I might have to wake with a blood sugar on the high side in order to avoid lows.My I:C ratio was recently adjusted by my Educator.I use the Animas 2020 and I can only program 1 basal program.I wish it had 2 so I could adjust it for days when I don’t need to get up at 7 am.

Yes I figured it out.I will adjust my basal rates in another program for when I don’t need to get up a 7am.I had to go in the menu and change it.I have an Animas 2020.I feel so much better now.Thankyou.All I have to do is test try it out.It should be fairly easy because it only needs to be decreased a few hours before I wake up.Everything else will stay the same.I just have to remember to switch back to my normal program.

I don’t know what happened but I needed to decrease the insulin all around the clock at night.I have still been going into the 4.0mmol range on .050 units of insulin per hour.Tonight I will try .025 for 2 hours before 2am because that is about the the time I drop.I am anxious to see what happens.

That seemed to work a little better.I reduced the 10pm and 12am readings.I seem too be getting the hang of this finally.I didn’t want to play with my rates before because I wasnt sure of what to do until I got John Walsh’s Pumping Insulin.It is my Bible.

I also have Minimed and if you can set a different pattern for days you know you’ll sleep in then you can just use that patten. With adjustingfor dawn phenomenon, my endo said to change it it by .25 to .5 increments it’s trial and error. I have an increase in my insulin at 3am for DP and often if I sleep late till 8:30 I’ll end up low unless I adjust it.