What's Wrong with my Basal!?

Ok. My doc has set me up with one basal in my Animas 2020. It’s 0.700. Every morning, I am waking up high - even if my blood sugar is in the normal range before I go to sleep and even if I bolus a little before I go to sleep.

I want to play with the basal a bit to see if I can change this - my doc is on vacation until after the New Year, so I can’t really turn to him. Any suggestions on what the problem could be and how much I should tweak my basal by?

Sounds like your problem is Dawn Phenomon which means while you’re sleeping you need a higher basal rate. A lot of people with Diabetes have this problem. The liver thorws out more glucose then basal rate can handle, so since your doctor is not around play a little. I’ve been pumping for almost 9 years and have had to reset my basal rates in the summertime. I don’t know how long you’ve been pumping but eventually you’ll be able to figure out when your basal rates needing changing. I was taught by an educator.

Katrina, I agree with Betty J and the dawn phenomenon thing. But, I would also pay attention to your fat intake for your afternoon snack and dinner. The fat calories won’t kick in for a few hours after you eat them causing a spike in your am reading. I’m sure you know that, though. A word to the wise when adjusting basal rates on your own especially the ones while sleeping. Do it 1-2 tenths at a time and I would set your alarm to do a finger stick in the middle of the night. The worst case scenario is you could drop too low and not wake up. Good luck

I agree, adjustments must be made in small increments. I have a MM 512 so I make adjustments in halfs because that’s the small measure I have.