Morning Tummy Aches - Daily. Why?

I’m stumped, Naomi is waking up daily with horrible tummy aches. Today she actually was bent over holding her tummy. Her bg numbers are fine, the lowest read I’ve had in the last 4 days was a 77 and she’s only had 3 or 4 others under 100, not one over 189. Her 2am checks, the lowest I’ve had was 100 (last night) and so I gave her two glucose tabs to bump it up for the rest of the night and her waking bg this AM was 132. I’ve checked for ketones off and on thinking maybe they are there and causing these tummy problems…nope. I don’t think she’s constipated, she said she went a little yesterday and some this morning. In the hospital when she was dx’d back in late Oct she was tested for Celiac and it showed she does not have it. Could it come on right away like this…would this be a symptom? Anyone with ideas?

You didn’t say how old your daughter is, but I have three kids that are all now grown. Both my girls had “tummy ache syndrome” in the early years of grade school and neither of them are diabetic. Of course you want to stay on top of it, but this might just be a typical little girl thing. I would ask your doctor, but I know, as the parent of a type 1 child, you fear everything has a deeper meaning and it might not. It could just be that she’s a young girl going through a typical thing at her age. Hope this does some to allay your anxiety.

My only thought was ketones. My son has never had ketones with high BG’s. One day he was tired, cranky, did not want to swim and had completely normal BG numbers I checked and he had small ketones. I am not sure if he was fighting an illness or what! The ketones cleared and the next day he was back to normal. Like PJ said it could just be normal girl stuff or maybe something she ate. A call to the doctor might be worth the peace of mind as well. Hope she feels better soon!

Naomi is as she would tell you …“6 3/4” yrs old. Thanks for your comments! I had the phone in hand to call the Endo to ask them but decided to continue on with my own detective work for now.

Thanks! Maybe she is fighting a bug. Oh…I hope not. If she has it again tomorrow AM I think I’ll call the DR just to check in with them on it. Thanks again!

Boy, this parenting thing is never a cinch! My son (the big guy in our picture) is 30 and he is the one with type 1. He played college football (lineman) and recently had a fairly serious, previously undiscovered spinal cord injury repaired (fused three vertebrae and six bone grafts put in to replace deteroriated discs). He lives and works 8 hours away so we went to his home to help him recover (neurosurgeon said he shouldn’t be alone till his follow up three weeks later, which was two days ago; his girlfriend also was there some of the time after we weren’t). I worried so much about his recovery and the surgery due to his diabetes on top of his conditon requiring the operation (big part of the complications post surgery was swelling in the neck, where they went in to do the spinal surgery, making it hard to swallow, therefore to eat, plus the fasting time to get ready for the surgery). Turns out, despite all of our worries, his history of bg lows in the teens, seizures as a result, etc. he did GREAT and is on a quick path to recovery. As parents of kids, grown or not, with type 1 diabetes, it is always good to hear (I think, anyway) that they can be basically healthy people who can get thru a lot no matter how much we worry. Best of everything to all. Feeling like you aren’t alone means so much.

I just got a phone call and had to pick up my daughter- age 6 from school. She woke up in the middle of night saying her tummy hurt too! She went to the nurse and told her that her tummy was hurting.
We just had our endo appt. yesterday and they did her blood work. The dr. said she is going to test for Celiac again. Last yr. it came back negative. Praying for the same results. I am also wondering, like you, what are these tummy aches???
I do have an appt. with the pediatrician this afternoon. I will let you know if my daughter’s is a symptom of something different ( sickness) or not. Good luck!!!

Oh no! I hope your little one is okay! Please do let me know what you find if you get a moment. No vomit girls…no vommiting! :slight_smile: Right now that is my big fear that these tummy aches are going to turn into pukes!

My son was diagnosed in Feb of 09 and I remember him complaining with a tummy ache on and off for a while. His endo didn’t know why. The school nurse said the other diabetics complained sometimes of tummy aches and she seemed to think it had something to do with the pancreas since it is in that area. One of the other diabetics mothers at school also mentioned that her son was having the same problem, he was diagnosed one year prior to my son. I hadn’t thought about this an a while neither of our children have celiac and they have been checked. Hope this problem passes for your daughter also very soon.

My son, Christopher is 10 and was diagnosed at 9 last January. It is not unusual for him to have stomach aches in the morning. Sometimes if it happens more than once I put him in Miralax just to make sure he is regular. Sometimes it helps. I think it is also just part of being type 1. So many minor aches and pains that are hard to fix.


My son DOES have celiac, but even being gluten free didn’t help his constant stomach aches and even diarrhea. His gastroenterologist told me to try probiotics and they helped 100%. He recommended Culturelle, which comes in pills or a powder to mix into food/drink.
He told us that it’s quite common for people with diabetes and people with celiac to have an overgrowth of bad bacterias in their gut.
Also, kids’ Tums. Sometimes helps.

I will be on the hunt for Culturelle. Thank you! Does the probiotic do anything to his bg numbers? THANKS!

Thanks! I may need to go the rout of Miralax… Thank you for commenting!

we get it from CVS and Target. Probiotics don’t do anything to his numbers. It’s just good bacterias to help your body keep bad bacterias from getting out of control. I think it’s good for everyone to take. I’ve taken them for years. Before Camden could swallow pills, we used the powder kind (no flavor or grittiness at all) and mixed it with just a little bit of Crystal Light.

Awesome! I used to give Naomi probiotics when she was on antibiotics (she had chronic ear infections as a baby/toddler) but now I’m hesitant to give her anything I haven’t cleared with either my Tufamily or our Endo. By chance do you ever use Children’s Oscillococcinum by Boiron, it’s homeopathic? That’s on my list of want to gives but I’m not sure if I should. :slight_smile:

No, I haven’t heard of it.

Hello! I finally am settled and home. My daughter’s tummy ache turned out to be strep throat!!! So we are now on antibiodics. Just wanted to let you know that is what our diagnose turned out to be! Hopefully your princess is feeling better and is ok!

My daughter is aged 6 and 3/4 too - she was diagnosed in March 2010. She has been complaining of tummy aches on and off, and having spoken to some other mothers it seems it is quite a common thing in the first year or so, worst thing was her teacher thought she was faking. Having said that she has been not had one for the past three weeks so hopefully they will become less frequent. I will keep an eye on it though and will get it investigated if it gets any worse. She has been tested negative for coeliac.

My daughter just turned 8 and was diagnosed Type 1 almost 2 years ago. She randomly has stomach issues. They are checking her for Celiac on her next visit in March, but at this point they are random. Sometimes they happen a few days in a row, others just on a certain day. Her pediatrician recommended 1 tsp of Mylanta every 6-8 hours when needed and that seems to help some. I also think it is that she is not drinking enough water at times, and have to monitor her water a little closer. I have gotten lots of good ideas from the comments though and will look into them.

Thanks! I picked up some of those probiotics today. Albertson’s (if you have that store in your area) had it on sale 30 day supply for $20. Our Walgreens wanted $27! Turds…no pun intended. :slight_smile: