Moving forward

Received my desk belongings via two FedEx boxes last night. Now, I can move forward!
I have the pictures to place on my new whereabouts. Retrieved the $85.00 worth of cub scout candy I was selling for Knox.
A sense of completion for me. So, the sun does come up…again and again and again.

These last few days have allowed me to not only eat with my family but to cook for them.
I am the cook in our house and making things days in advance was going over well. Now it’s right out of the oven and to the plate. Good times if your hungry at our house. The kids will be home right after school today, no after school program. I feel funny about that. I know they like the chance to play with some friends at school but these days it’s about saving $$.
The grocery list includes only store brand. The financial concerns have set in.
Having just refinanced the house we are very astute to the costs of our household.

I have had time to read all the blogs and websites…as well as the newspapers and help wanteds.
the usual Dblogs include: Amy’s Diabetemine and Allison’s Lemonade life and to peruse the Tu-Diabetes group discussions and the ADA site forums. I find myself trying to come up with a name for my own regular blog. I’ll let you in on it eventually. For now though writing here is good therapy.

Now we begin to prepare for harvest time. The leaves have started dropping. The colors of the trees have begun to change to brown, orange, red and mustard. And of course my Erica will be five in 11 days. Did I mention that she is the most beautiful girl in the world? She is! As are all your daughters to you. I am a details person and watching my two marvelous wonders grow allows me(and Jean) the chance to really see the past, present and future right now. The nice thing about blogging is the freedom to ramble loose thoughts that are streaming through our minds. /what an ideal way to express, ain’t it?

Watching the squirrels this morning I was reminded that all life has it’s ups and downs. I watched this one lil guy dig and dig and dig (into my mulch) but then there it was a gold mine! Five acorns buried deep into the mulch. You could feel the sense of pride that squirrel had. Erica has named them the Jonas brothers. So one of the Jobros had his day made with the find of a past buried treasure inside my mulch. Touche’ for him!

Soon the family of five squirrels headed back to the tree next door to stash the loot. As I watched them I thought that their lives may not be as exciting but man the parents are with the children all the time. No opportunity is ever lost, every miracle is witnessed. I wondered if mom and dad squirrel realized how lucky they were to be with their kids all day.
I will give you a much detailed explanation on the squirrels later but we know them all to well!

So, now as my mind wanders and I am typing loose thoughts I am reminded of the great pride that I have in the accomplishments, be it small or large, of my wife, my son and my daughter. I also took note that we are a nice family of four, live in a white house with a picket fence and have a nice backyard with a pool in it. We live a block from grammy’s house and 0.7 miles from school. Life is really pretty good these days.

Knox’s dad
(Erica’s too)

Do you have any good easy recipes to share with us?

I hate what this recession and you-know-who-else, is doing to the People and their Families.

Your blog reminds me of how my Hubby and all of the Guys in his department and others were let go from their work about 11 years ago, due to outsourcing. Almost 20 years at that job and let go about 2 weeks before Christmas no less. What a slap in the face. That’s Big Corporations for Ya. We had/have 2 Kids also. Thankfully, I was on Disability at the time, for another autoimmune disease.

I’m sad to hear that you and your Family are going through this and so many others. I’m Impressed and Glad that you are moving forward and not giving up. Good for you. You’re a Hero. :slight_smile: I hope and pray that you’ll end up with something even better, like my Hubby did. Best Wishes!

Terrie* -

Thank you for the kind and thoughtful words.
I am glad to hear your dude sprung forward. That is the way to go …forward. If you lurk behind the rest of the world gets far far ahead of you, I believe.

Shipaddict -

Not to come across as fresh but when I read your question the first thing that popped into my brain was:
don’t put lantus into your pump resevoir!

I ma certainly have recpies to share in a grup at some point. If there is one please let me know.

Knox’s dad

Hi Knox’s Dad …it’s October 4…how are you and your family doing…your Oct. 1 blog reads very powerfully …thanks for sharing !!

Thanks Nel!
Doing fine, doing fine. Today I am heading to the local Community College to speak with a group of students about hunger and organizing projects to fight hunger in the U.S. .
Hunger has always been our social passion and my wife works with these students at the CC to develop a sense of self, pride and to help them organize so that they may be successful in their future endeavors. (school, work etc…)
Again, thank you for the compliment and I am well. I hope you are the same.

Knox’s dad
(Erica’s as well)