Mrs. Idaho International Pageant

Made 2nd runner up in the Mrs. Idaho pageant last night. No crown needed for this lady to keep moving her message. Pageant shoes are going up and I am going to take the time that I used to compete to keep sharing my story and educating others on type 2 diabetes. God has sure opened many doors and continues to do so daily..

"Get Up and Get Moving"

All the best to you Jill ; your family look happy and proud !

Congratulations Jill! From your family here in TuD…youre always the winner!

This is wonderful new!!! This shows you can be a Type 2 diabetic, mother, a wife, and beautiful pagent winner! You are number in our eyes. Keep up the good work!


Thank you so much for the sweet comments!!

I know Im real late on this…but congrats! way to go! :slight_smile: