Feeling Blessed Once Again!

Gaining confidence from doing the Mrs. Idaho Pageant has just opened on door after another. I recently helped with the launch of the web site How They lost weight.com I had an interview and feel blessed that my message of living with type 2 diabetes and losing 100 pounds has changed my life. Helping others along in their path of achieving their goals. It feel this has been my calling in life to share my story and spred the word about type 2 diabetes!


Here is my link to my personal web site. “Get Up and Get Moving”

Keep Moving Forward!!


Sorry I could not make the picture smaller! I tried!!

gorgeous! keep rock’n!

Holy canoli! That is awesome! We all need some inspiration to get us moving! Great job!

You are amazing Jill!

Hey Jill: :slight_smile:

Whoo Hoo!! Wow! What a Success story. Your hard work and determination certainly paid off and you are truly an inspiration for so many.

I don’t get how you were in the top 6 however. I voted for you, so you should have been 1st. Obviously not the swiftest Judges on the planet, were judging…or was it totally determined by votes?

I Really like that little thingy that you are wearing there. :smiley: You did Excellent in your Achievements Jill.

Thank you all for your sweet comments. It has been a blessed journey. Keeping it off is hard work in it’s self!! I am very aware how I will always need to main the same lifestyle that it took to get it off.

:slight_smile: Jill

Jill,your achievements are inspiring. You certainly earned a Ph.D in weight loss.You must be a great motivational spaker,one who speakes from personal experience. All I can say is,“WOW”. Best to you and thanks for the motivation. Pete