Multiple choice now. Essay later

So here I am at 10 PM and I get a thing on my pump that says LOW RESERVOIR. Aye carumba! I know that my reservoir won’t last me until morn because of the basal rates. So do I…

a) ride it out and hope that I wake up getting that last 1/10th of a unit
b) get up in the middle of the night and change my infusion set with one eye open and the other hiding from the bathroom light
c) change the site now and waste precious units of insulin that the insurance company so “generously” gave to me
d) figure out how many carbs I can have with the insulin left in the reservoir and then setup a chair in front of the fridge

Think it’s gonna have to be C…you ever run into a situation like this?

I had this happen just this week, and I guess I fell under “A” which was bad and I do not recommend. I think I ran dry at around 4 am, and when I woke up at 7 am I was still ok at 114 but by 10 am despite my “make up for it” bolus I had drifted up to 247. Bad decision, oops.

I vote for C. Since my son is 3, his TDD is only around 12 U, so we never run into that situation. I have to admit to being an insulin hoarder anyway. I fill his insulin prescription every 21 days and now have 2 bottles in reserve. Our endo also gave us a “sample” bottle when Griffin was first diagnosed, so that we would have a reserve bottle. You might want to ask your endo about that.

I had this happen just last night around 11:30. I sucked it up and got up and changed the set. I know that in the past when it has run dry, I was really unhappy getting up at 3 or 4 am to make the change. And the one time I figured, “screw it, I am getting up an a couple hours, what will a few hours do to me” I had horrible results. Numbers in the 200 and 300 range and felt crappy all day. So not worth it.

I’d pick B. I am quite the insomniac anyway and I’m not wasting any of that precious insulin.

That’s what the backlight on the pump is for, right?

I always let my pump go down to 0 units and then I know there is a about 10 units left. Low reservior for me is 30 units and I only need about 6 units to get me through the night. I have many times gone to sleep on 5-6 units and wake up at 0 and know I still have a few to last for my morning coffee and then changing it out.

Why o why do we hate changing the site so much?

I don’t use a lot of insulin and my pump has a 300 unit reservoir. I fill it up and let it go until it’s empty. Sometimes I run really low and decide I don’t want to change the reservoir & tubing right away so I rewind the pump and just add a little insulin into the current reservoir. I change my cannula every 3 days but the tubing & reservoir only as needed, every 9-12 days. I hate wasting insulin even though my insurance lets me have as much as I need. What I really hate is filling reservoirs and dealing with getting the air bubbles out.

I know this is only a rumor, but I’ll start it anyway…

I’ve heard that NovoLog will soon be available with pre-filled 300cc reservoirs. How cool is that?

I’ve started reusing resevoirs and I almost always have a Humalog bottle on me, so I just refill the same resevoir with the existing insulin. Just put a blue cap and plunger back on (save them, don’t throw them away) and pull new insulin in and mix it with the old stuff. That way you don’t waste any insulin, you’re not eating more than you want and you’re not risking a high.

I’ve tried doing that (changing/refilling the cartridge but not the tubing) but always get big air bubbles in the tubing when I disconnect it from the cartridge, then I have to fill the tubing to get the bubbles out which wastes about 15 units of insulin. Can you refill a cartridge without the air bubbles forming?

Which pumps would that be for? That’s exciting!

I’m visually impaired, and pre-filled cartridges would be a HUGE benefit!

For me? Since I’m really new at pumping (5 months), I throw a little hissy, hop out of bed and go get my “stuff” to change my site. (I guess that makes it a C ) I’m still too paranoid to push my luck. lol

OK, like all of us, yes, I’ve started heading to bed and then noticed the Low Reservoir message screaming at me…so I do C. But to tell you the truth, I’ve done D (once). Grabbed a Diet Coke and the bag of double stuffed Oreos and blew that last 3 units. It felt really good. Hadn’t had an Oreo in some time!