How often do you change your insulin cartridge (reservoir)?

When we bought our pump, the rep (Animas) told us that it is better to change the reservoir and tubing every 3 days tops. He said that they found after 3 days, the plastic from the reservoir has small particles that diminishes the quality of the insulin.

In hot summer months, we changed everything every 2 days. But in the winter months (we have snow in winter :wink: ), we try to use it every 3 days, when we tried longer, the 4th day we were starting to see that the insulin did not cover as well as the days before even if the site was fine.

-Do you change you infusion set, reservoir and tubing at the same time?
-If not, how often do you change your reservoir?
-How many days in between the changes?
-What is your pump’s brand?

Thank you for your comments.

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I generally change everything at the same time. Exceptions include when I’ve had a site either get ripped or go bad and I don’t want to take the time to do a new reservoir as well; also when I’m using Comfort Shorts as you can get a box of half full sets and half just cannulas - when I use these, I use the full set the first two days, then switch to an extra cannula the second two days. I too have noticed a generally off quality to my insulin on days 4 and on. So, I will change the reservoir and tubing ALWAYS at the same time, but will change my cannula more often. I tend to have better results with Insets as I have to do a full change with these (all-in-one insertion device with the cannula and tubing together). I use a Cozmo 1800 series.
Hope this helps!


I change everything every 3 days when it runs out. I am using the Minimed Pardigm 715
just got done changing it now


-Do you change you infusion set, reservoir and tubing at the same time? Yes
-How many days in between the changes? I go 3 1/2 to 4 days depending on how long the insulin last that I load.
-What is your pump’s brand? MM 722 I only fill the resovor 1/2 full when I start.
What insulin are you using in your pump? That can make a difference as some insulins are stable at higher Temps.

I push the limits on this, but it seems to work for me.

-Do you change you infusion set, reservoir and tubing at the same time? No, almost never.
-If not, how often do you change your reservoir? every 9 days
-How many days in between the changes? change infusion set every 5 days
-What is your pump’s brand? Cozmo

On day 6, I start to notice reduced effectiveness of insulin. Most people experience it earlier. Supposedly, what I am doing is not good for me in the long run because I will run out of places to put the pump (it takes longer for pump sites to heal that were left in 5 days…). But for now, this is the best for me. But I won’t try to convince others to leave it in for 5 days!

Thanks Sarah, sometimes we do the same thing too with the Comfort Short, we use a full infusion set the first day and we change only the cannula 2 days after. These days, we usually change everything after 3 days if everything goes well!

Thanks Andy, it is true that the brand of insulin is a relevant question!

HI Kristin, thanks! Do you have bumps sometimes where you had a site? I am asking this because the doctors would say that where we leave a set past 4 days becomes less likely to “absorb” the insulin the next time you put it exactly there (creating like an invisible insulin resistant bump). I know that people are made different and that you’re a strong one :wink:

I generally change my set (tubing, reservoir, infusion set) every 3 to 3 1/2 days. Usually the site gets irritated at the third day, and I’ve got a nice pink “pimple” in the spot where I removed the set.

90% of the time, I change everything together. Exceptions are if I need to change early because of irritability, if I need to move my site because of an activity (i.e. swimming), or if I’m in a real hurry and don’t have the time to devote to getting a bubble-free reservoir.

I confess (and I know this is bad) that when I change a set, I inject the leftover insulin from the reservoir back into the insulin vial. I hate waste, and there’s always about 20-30 units left when I change it. I won’t inject into a new insulin vial, though.

I use the Minimed 515 with Silouhette infusion sets. I do wish tubing was packaged with the reservoir and not with the infusion set (cannula) itself. I thow out a lot of unused tubing because of this.

Yes, i get these bumps, not all the time, but most of the time. I still am able to find places with good insulin absorption, but I have to avoid these bumps and they take 3+ months to disappear. So I am all polka dotted :slight_smile: But still I am able to find places with good insulin absorption… I hope that I always will!!!

I change everything at once every 3 days. Using the Medtronic Minimed Paradigm 522. The reservoir only holds enough for 3 days. Works for me.

I change my infusionset every 3 days and my cartridge every 6.My tubing comes attached to my set already.My pump is Animas 2020.

Yes I change both at the same time. I can only go 2 days between changes because I use so much insulin. I use about 150 units a day. I use the Cozmore.

I change mine every 3-4 days. but i can tell the difference after 3 days. I use the medtronic mini med 722. I have only been on the pump for a little over a year. I change it all together.

I used to change everything at the same time when I began pumping. I realized that I was wasting too much insulin. I use the Cozmo 1700. I change sets every 3-4 days (Cleo 90). Most of the time, my insulin lasts longer. I change the reservoir when I am down to a few units.

I change mine every 3-4 days, when my insurance paid 100% I changed every 3 days, now they pay half so I go by when the resevior is getting low, but I never let it go more than 4 days, other wise I get bigger bumps and tend to get itchy at the site.

I change everything every 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 days. My paradigm minimed 722 usually only last 3 days tops.

I have a MM722 with a 300 unit reservoir. When it’s not a holiday, I average under 30 units a day so I use the reservoir & tubing until it’s empty. Changing the reservoir & tubing doesn’t always happen at the same time I do a set change. I do change the cannula every 3 days. I have had no problems doing this.

I also have the MM 722 w/300 unit reservoir. I change everything at the same time. I had a site that got quite red and itchy (and still is) . Had N.P. look at it…not worried about it.

Actually I didn’t know that you could reuse the cartridge (still a rookie with the pump). Is this true, cause I will reuse them if that’s a possability. Please inform me. :slight_smile: