Muscle injections

I’m curious how many others inject their fast acting insulin into the muscle? For me fast acting insulin in not fast acting. Typically the insulin starts working around the 2 hour mark, so I can well be in the 250 range after 10 carbs. What size needles are you using to inject in the muscle?

Ugh, just the idea makes my hair stand on end. Your a tough cookie!

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@Maggie4. Prior to pumping I only did intramuscular injections since they can jumpstart the insulin depending on the muscle group. I used 30g syringes and my thighs (quads) or my arms (bicep\tricep) and then once injected, made sure to use that muscle group for activities. I also led my food by 30 minutes . The combo seems to mimic the insulin action curve

I pump now, but I still set in muscle groups and not my abdomen for efficacy reasons.

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I have found a brisk walk will also speed things up. Doesn’t need to be long. If you haven’t tried, might be worth a try.


Tud and The Diabetes Solution turned me on to IM injections. I can’t believe I went so long without using them (only when I really need to). I’ve been using 8mm syringes, not sure about the gauge. At first thought 8mm wasn’t long enough, and yielded a 50/50 success ratio. Certain areas are hit or miss for me, but I think I’ve found areas that work much better now.
Does anyone know where to get longer needles? It’s as if they aren’t available anymore.

Maggie4, I’m like you as sometimes my bolus takes 2 hours or more to start working. So I have a me;k with very little carbs like meat and vegetables and then when it starts coming down I have my carbs. Actually today it isn’t coming down at all despite lots of insulin. If I had carbs first it would be in the 250’s. I’m happy that my A1C is 6.0 with having to prebolus so long and eat the way I have to now.

Which muscle groups work best?

I have some spots on the inside of the forearm, that appear best, easily accessible and effective. I’ve always thought it would be the worst, risky and just plain weird. The deltoid area was what I was taught first, but that area is hit or miss for me. Quads are usually a miss.
2nd favorite are the calves. Which can use the added benefits that @El_Ver and @Jim26 mentioned, simultaneously! Meaning you don’t have to go for and walk AND perform some shoulder presses.
The caveats… I often get unsightly bruises on my forearms. It seems to be worth the price since it’s not a guarantee and I typically save intra-muscular injections for corrections only.
I’ve never been able to find a good video guide. I have a feeling my technique is lacking. so with a grain of salt

I do, and often. Have to use a 13mm needle. Use the deltoid arm muscle. It doesnt hurt. Here is an excellent video of a young woman showing how to do IM injections into the deltoid with an insulin syringe (with insulin). I used this video the first time I did it.