My 2 Special Men have Diabetes


I have just joined this forum to learn what my "2 special men" are going through.

I am not a diabetic but my husband of 28 years, was diagnosed 41 years ago, when he was 9 years old. He's always been very private about being a diabetic and has not "educated" me very well. He has always been in good control of his BS so he felt there was no need for me to worry about him. We have been blessed that none of our 3 children have diabetes. They are all in their 20's and show no signs/symptoms.We are currently building a house and going there every night after our real jobs, to work on the house. His BS has been running low because of all the long hours of physical work and lack of sleep. I worry about him every night and somtimes, don't sleep because of it. Every little movement/twitch he makes while sleeping, sends me into panic mode.

On Oct 3, 2011, our 2 year old grandson was diagnosed with T1. This hit us very hard. He's too young to tell us when he is low. Some say he is better off than others because he will not know life any differently. Doesn't make us feel better.

I know I will need to learn to deal with the anxiety/stress/fear. Any advice is greatly welcomed.

wow, I encourage you to join our Parents Group here

we have many parents here with kids who were diagnosed at a young age. let me know if there's any questions you might have about us.

Please don't take offense, but I couldn't imagine being married to someone who kept the details of such a major part of his life away from me! But, my guess is you have tried and there isn't much you can do about that. What it sounds like you want to and can do is educate yourself. I recommend the book Using Insulin by John Walsh, that will give you some of the basics. I think Marie's suggestion of the Parents Group is great and I wonder if there is also a spouse's group - or just a general friends and family group? You've come to a great place for information and support.

First thing.........relax. Although you are concerned about your family's wellbeing, it can be emotionally draining at times. I don't offer advice, since you have dealt with this issue for a long time already. Talk to your hubby and watch what he does. He has accepted to be proactive in his healthcare and not have anxiety in your relationship. Diabetes is a lifestyle that nobody wants, but it is an adjustment that you have to accept to live a long full life.Your grandson will be just fine, and will have a lifestyle different right from the start. For him it will be just like brushing your teeth every day. I am not trivial of this problem. The technology changes all the time and perhaps will be solved just like many other maladies that has plagued past generations .Read as much as you can. The more knowledge you have will releave you of the anxiety. Have a great holiday season.

I never had to worry about him before. He always knew, within 5 points, what his BS was at any given time. Doctors are amazed at his ability to do this. He was chosen to be a guinea pig at IU Med Ctr through Lilly's for Humulin insulin, etc. He never had any problems so there wasn't much for me to know. I know the basics, have mixed and given his shots, etc. He is a big person (6' 7") and very active so he pretty much has eaten what/when he wants. He has been very lucky that way. Unless you are a close friend of his, you wouldn't know he has diabetes. About 5 years ago, his age caught up with him and he has had to make adjustments, just like most. That is why I'm not as educated as I should be. That is why I am here. To learn more about what is typical, what I can help control, and what I can't.

Mike S and my husband are correct, I need to learn to relax. I need to learn that I can't "fix" them.