My Auntie's Radio

My Auntie's Radio

It was different to spend the night with my auntie
Home was overlooking railways
for trains
going to upper Egypt
I never visited upper Egypt
I thought the whistling trains were going
to another world

When trains passed the building
the building would shake
and I would feel frightened
and wish to go home
But somehow
I would come back for a night
never two
to spend with my auntie

The bed was four posters
with frilled curtains
and on the wall
was the wooden radio
you pull a string
it is on
you pull a string
it is off
And the sad Egyptian music
was there
filling the air
which would make me long more
for going home
But I kept coming to spend a night
But never two
with my auntie

Years on
my auntie's husband died
and she moved to another house
with my other auntie

I asked my auntie about the radio
the wooden radio
she said
she will give me a fashionable new radio
But I said I miss the old radio
And this is just like my life
Always missing the old

Wasting living the present
for the sake of the old
till present is old
and then it will take its turn
to be cherished as old

Wasting the present
for the sake of the old


A moment of peace

Buying my coffee a newspaper
And a small peace of sweet
I walked through the park
Not a very chilly day
The sun is pleasant
and as usual
I am

Back to my dark small office
with a little teddy
to keep my company
I started my glorious feast
with my coffee,
a little piece
of sweet

This is
a depressed woman's feast
I turned the papers
And here it reads
Saddam was promised
good news

May be
they will grow some spiky plants
on his lonely grave

I finished my sweet
I felt guilty
I am so fat
There is nothing glorious in my life
to care eat or not
a little peace of sweet

The coffee is not hot any more
Oh,this useless man at the coffee shop

So the glory did not last
and I sat gazing
at the orphan teddy bear
He was a burden,
not a company
any more

Suddenly I saw my childhood idol
the honorable mad
Mr Van Gogh
He was rejected as ugly recently by a friend
I looked closely
I studied his looks
I remember our long lasting friendship
I never let him down by saying
others are better than him
because he is really the best

Somehow he managed to cheer me up
I felt happy I did not give him up
He stuck to me,
I welcomed his return

It turned that
Mr Van Gogh is more glorious
than my coffee, my newspapers
my little piece of sweet


She sat drawing her feelings
She wanted to draw
Happy though Sad
She could not

She looked around \
there were three doves
Drinking from a small poodle
On the road
A passer bye scared them away
They flew to the top of the building
She spotted them up there
She did not feel easy about three doves
Where is the fourth?

She looked away and spotted
A very beautiful tree
Hundred of bare branches
All entertwined in a prayer sign
And then come the leaves
She wanted to sit under the tree
And see the blue sky
Through the hundred bare branches
But passers bye stared at her
So she walked away

On Maternity Hospital's entrance
She spotted a couple going home
With their newborn
She did not feel complete happiness
Behind the scene
Someone was left out
With a big sad

She walked pass the maternity hospital
Walking to Rehabilitation hospital
She spotted a young man
In his wheel chair
Going inside
On his way
He flirted with hundred girls
And exchanged niceties with nurses
A nurse shouted, we heard
You have got engaged to three girls
He said you will be the fourth
And there will be
A mass wedding for four
He stopped by the coffee shop
And ordered a tall
She spotted sadness in his eyes
Though he distributed happiness
On his way

She walked round the park
The tall hugging trees
Looked so beautiful
But sad
Why they looked sad
She did not know
She feared her sadness is contagious
She wished if she will disappear
Every body stares at her
This sad old woman
What is wrong with her?
Why she is casting her sadness on
Them all

She felt ashamed
Today she will go
And bury her sadness
In the deepest hole
In her heart
And cover it with heaps
Of happy smiles
So no one will spot
She will show Happy on her face
Though deep down in her heart
She feels really


Hope it is not bird flu

Coming down with a flu
all aches and pain
sleep for a day or two
for me
is the only cure
Hope it is not bird flu

As a child it was my dream
to wake up with a flu
I hated my school
and loved my mother so

But I prayed never to get sick
on Sundays
Sundays were cleaning days
The windows and balconies
were wide open
I would feel colder than my cold

But staying home on Monday

a dream come true
Monday was my mother's meeting day
House is sparkling clean
Home made cakes
Vanilla fills the air
and door bell would ring every minute
or so,
with all sort of mother's relatives
coming for a chat
and update
smoking their cigarettes
without shame
and when they leave
they finish their gossip on stairs

Windows and balconies left wide open
to expel cigarette smoke
And scented oud
will replace the vanilla and cigarette smoke

I miss this unique mixture
Vanilla, cigarette and oud
That is the whole mark
of Mother's meeting Day