You KNOW you are getting old when

…that one stray hair is harder to find because its finally turned grey.

…while alone in the fitting room you keep feeling a tap on the back of your knee… then realize it’s your own rear.

… you can carry a wallet under one breast and your glucose meter under the other WITHOUT wearing a bra.

… you see someone at the store and think “Geez, that old gal is showing her age!” and then realize it’s a mirror.

When you turn on a “Top 40” radio station and don’t know a single song… and can’t stand any of them either!

When you fondly recall the freedom of driving in your car, the one place you could go where no one can reach you (before cell phones)

When you watch college sports and notice the athletes look like kids

ha ha ha… those are good one too.

I remember hearding a Musak version of Saturday Night Fever a few years back and thinking OMG!

Last summer, I decided to go on a fitness kick and start bike riding (which I had enjoyed about a decade ago). So, I bring it up from the basement, get it all tuned up, air in the tires, pack all my db suplies in the little handlebar bag…I was ready to hop on and my leg would not swing up and over like it used to. Tried again, same deal. Hmmmmmm…some old age stiffness seemed to have set in. Then I tried to lift it over with my arms. A couple of people walked by and laughed…Yes, I finally got on it, but by then was very tired.

I had something similar happen to me. While getting into the passenger side of the car. I found that I could not lift my right leg to get it into the car. Hmmm… I thought. Tried again… nope. Grabbed my pantleg and lifted…

I REALLY need to get out more. LOL

When the bagger at the grocery store calls you “ma’am” and means it because you are older than their mother!


LOL oh yeah! Or when you and or young friend are out for lunch and they ask your friend if YOU are her mother. :frowning:

Join Strategic Savers Group…

You know you’re getting old when… Your cars get bigger and you cant pull your pants up high enough. LOL

…you’ve been diabetic longer than you weren’t.

…when you are tired all the time, but then never sleep past 5 am.

…when you look at the teenagers in your neighborhood and finally realize that you just an oldster to them.

…when you can’t remember what this post is about.

When you get your first pair of bi-focals… just got mine 3 weeks ago

when you put the milk in the microwave instead of the icebox and find it hours later!

…when your “little” nieces and nephews are seeminngly getting taller than you…

…when you start lying about your real age…hehehe!

…when you start using the phrases…“good old days” and those were the days…"

Right on Carol! or… when you use your senior’s discount with your coupons! lol

You know you’re old when just reading Kathy’s post makes you tired

i may not be old… but i’m always saying “OOOH!!! Guess what?!?” and then immediately, i can’t remember what i was thinking. or, yesterday… i walked down the stairs to get something. as soon as i reached the bottom of the stairs, i headed back up the stairs. when i was halfway up the stairs… i was like “wait! didn’t i go down to get something?!?” lol. i have an excuse though, i was on the phone. oh well.

ha ha ha! I so do that all the time.

When a nap looks better than your better half. Now that is old.

When you ignore 20 year old women because the 50 year old brunette looks hot.

When you are the oldest person in the kids pool.

When you map your auto trip by the number of rest stops along the way.

“When you are the oldest person in the kids pool”


when you make noises whenever you get up out of a chair or sit down.

(I find I grunt or sigh with relief whenever I sit these days)

… when your son has to explain to you how to play a game on a Leapster!!! :slight_smile: