My Diabetes and My Struggle

My diabetes.

I was diagnosed with Diabetes when I was 6 years old and it was a hard adjustment for me and my family. For me, it was just confusing. I had no clue what was going on and why I had to be in the hospital for so long. My parents tried explaining to me but I still wasn't very aware of what was happening.

For awhile my parents did everything for me and I was watching and learning, but it wasn't until the age of 11 that I was really on my own with everything. By then I knew the basics of what diabetes was and how to control it for me. Unfortunately they let me loose when I was going into middle school, and even for a kid without diabetes, middle school is hard.

Middle school was hard, especially 8th grade. I didn't want to leave class to check my BG cause I felt low or high, I didn't want to leave the lunch room to check it for lunch, I felt like I was being restricted and missing out on things because I have diabetes. So, I just stopped checking my BG. Worst mistake ever.I ended up in the hospital two times and had an A1C score of 11.2. It was horrible. The first time I ended up in the hospital, I was actually in a diabetic coma for about 16 hours. I was in my bed at home one minute and the next I was in a hospital bed with IVs in me. You'd think I'd learn my lesson, not checking my blood glucose is bad. I didn't and I ended up in the hospital, yet again, for the same reason.

The last time I ended up in the hospital me, my doctor, and my mom had a nice, long conversation about how we could change my way of doing things. We decided that I needed to cary my BG kits around with me and keep my insulin in my locker for lunch. It worked and it was the best decision I made.

Now, I'm a high school senior, I participate in choir, tennis, have participated in marching band, and my BG and diabetes hasn't controlled me since 8th grade. I can't say that the few things my doctor, mom, and I talked about is the reason why. I found friends who supported me and know enough about diabetes that they're constantly checking in on me. Not only that but sometimes they even check their BGs. I think it's funny. A good support system and motivation got me through my awkward teen years with diabetes.

There's a little bit about me. How I'm dealing with diabetes and maybe you picked up somethings you could try.


Laura, I'm so glad to hear you've adjusted. I was dxed when I was a teen and didn't have the support system you have but as years have passed I learned to adjust. We are fortunate to have the cyber support systems that are available today.

Ya, this is really cool and I'm excited to become apart of this community. :)

That's a great account of a tough story!

Laura, your story brought a tear ( or two!) to my eyes. My son Jacob is 14 now and felt a bit like you hating being different being late for lunch to test ect. Luckily for me he is motivated to do the right thing in all parts of his life and i keep pretty close tabs on him, while more recently i have been letting him be more the captain of his own ship so to speak because he really needed that at this point in his life. I am so happy that you found your way and you have friends that get you and support you, you are a very lucky girl. Of course you deserve the most credit because when it comes down to how you handle your D and how you live in the world, it comes down to you. so congrats on accepting what you can not change and making the best of it. i hope someday my son will be as comfortable in his skin as you are in yours, although with maturity i think he is progressing. best of luck! amy

Yay for you Laura!! You are going to do great things with your life!!!

Great job, Laura.
God bless,