To be honest

When i was first diagnosed i was like what ever its not that big of a deal but now its so much harder having to deal with school AND my blood levels. It gets soooo annoying. I was diagnosed at 12, which, in a way, could be worse than diagnosed when your younger because when your younger you dont know what its like to eat free without worry. Kinda like becoming blind after being able to see. It sucks because you know what your missing out on. So i know what its like to eat freely and not have to worry about my kidney’s dieing or loseing a limb. It suckssss!!! And latly i’ve been sooooo depressed. A lot of times i dont even know why… my numbers are effing with my head im guessing. Like last month i cryed EVERY NIGHT!!! It bugged the crap outa me… but im past that… gladly. I felt stupid. haha. Oh and if you find a lot of spelling errors… ya my bad… im just bad at spelling… haha.


Hi Carissa! I was diagnosed at 21… so I get what you are saying about “knowing what it’s like to eat freely”. I think that diabetes is never easy to deal with… but I can understand what you mean.

I think the best approach is to pick ONE thing that will make your numbers better and start doing it (exercising, measuring your blood sugar at certain times, bringing healthy lunches to school,…) and then in a few weeks, add one more thing. This way your can help you numbers without feeling like you had to change way too much at once! I found that when I improved my numbers that helped me be less depressed about diabetes… cause I knew that i was doing the best that I can. I still get upset some days and cry tears because I have to deal with diabetes, but that’s been a lot less often since I found this community!

Instead of sitting around crying, I sign on and write to people who UNDERSTAND!

Hope that it will help you too! Hang in there… and keep us posted on how you’re doing!

Hi Carissa,
I know how you are feeling. I have had diabetes for 38 years and was diagnosed at the age of 10. I have no complications so far…and not planning on having any. When I was diagnosed the treatments sucked. You took shots and checked your urine for sugar…which was a delayed result. Living today with diabetes is so much better and those complications that you worry about can certainly be avoided. Just hang in there and keep in touch with this website…we have all been there at one time or another.

Carissa, so many of us can relate. I was diagnosed at the age of 10 (18 years ago) and dealing with my diabetes in high school and later as a double major in college was awful. As a teacher now, I still deal with what you’re talking about. And I strongly second Kristin’s advice. I started by testing more - for about a year, and started taking my lunch to teach. I tried adding exercise (I go a few months on, few months off). Now, I log more. I test more. I not only take my lunch, but I cook my dinner every night. I take my insulin longer before my meals. One. At. A. Time. I promise, it helps. No complications, lots of worrying.

You’re going to be alright. Let this community of 4,000 strong (and counting) be your shoulder.