My experience with Diabetes

I was diagnose at 14 years of age, when I was a freshman in High School. It was certainly NOT your typical diabetes story, that’s for sure.
In about October of my freshman year I started to have some really weird things happen to me. I would shake really badly. I started forgetting things. My mom takes care of a lady who has type 1 and she must have said something and she said to my mom that it could be diabetes. My mom borrowed an extra meter from work and checked my after dinner. I was 264, then 285. The next morning I was 119. We went to the doctors, told him we thought I had diabetes, he told me that he doubted it. My mom pushed anyway. He took blood. Called the next week. Sent me for more blood work. They called me on a Tuesday night and said that I had an appointment with my endo the next morning at 8:15. That was december 14, 2005. the day I saw my endo. I started prandin in the beginning of January 2006. They couldn’t tell me what type I had. In september of 2006 they told me that I might not have diabetes. In June of 2007 they told me I had MODY. In February 2008 I went on Lantus. I was on 3 units., then 1.5 units. In June I went up to 25 units. In the last couple of week I went on Humalog and I now take between 4-7 shots a day. I take 18 units of Lantus. I was just tested recently for MODY, but don’t have the results yet. I should get them soon, I guess. SO, that is my story with diabetes.

It must be hard to deal with MODY as SO few people are aware of it! We have other members that deal with this. I hope that you are able to connect with some of them. Jenny had great resources on MODY. Check out her website at

I would love to hear more on MODY - I never have until now. This is something I fear for my daughter - since I’m type 1 I am a little paranoid about her. I have tested her and her bs have been slightly elevated after meals - i discussed with her pediatrician - did a fasting bs & it was 108-dr told me not to worry. Please share more info - good luck to you!