My experiences to this point

i was diagnosed when i was 14 months old. i never had good control and spent most of my younger years in hospital. i have experienced many up and downs. if ou have any questions please dont fear to ask i have experienced almost everything and am wiling to share my experiences!:)

How many years so far have you been a type 1 (if you don't mind divulging your age...)?? I've been a type 1 for 40 years. Diaged just before turning 7. The Doc told my parents to expect me to live 5 years at the time, as that was the expectations at the time.

I had a friend at the time that lived near me that was diaged at the same time. Unfortuantely, his poor control took it's toll early in his life, and he's no longer with us. I fortunately was in a little better control. It's been an amazing trip for me over the years too. The methods of control have gone through a lot of changes. I only wish I had the control back then that I do now.

I always wonder how it feels to have a low blood sugar, my son Nicolas is almost 8 years old now and he was diagnosed at age 3. Also, he seems very sensitive and a bit moody at times and I just wish I could be inside of his head so that I can fully understand what he is going through...I feel for him so much! Maybe you could share with me how it makes you feel???

scott im 13 and have been diabetic for just over 11 years...
Nico when you feel low you almost lose control of how your feeling one minute your happy as can be but the next you can be angry for no reason. that is probably why he is sensitive and moody at times so watch for lows when he is. also when im low a common sign is going pale and shaking. i hope it helped.