My first low as a T2

I’ve read numerous stories about lows and how it affects people, but until yesterday I had never experienced one myself. Being Type 2 I usually get highs. Although for the last month or so I have not gone over 200 and I stay pretty much between 110 and 140. When I woke up yesterday morning my BS was 81. I know that’s not considered a low for most people but for my body it is. It caused me to have a headache and nausea. I didn’t eat much for breakfast but did have some vegetable crackers and some cheese which settled my stomach down a little bit. My sugar went to 107 and I was happy with that. So we decided to go to the flea market and look at all the stuff. You would think I’d know better! After reading all the posts on here I should know that excersise lowers your sugar! But I wasen’t thinking of this as excersise. We walked around the flea market for 2 and a half hours and I must admit I was feeling pretty crappy by the end of it all. The headache and nausea were back, the sun was getting to me although it wasen’t too hot and my feet kept fumbling and I kept bumping into people. Got to the car and I was a little shaky but not too much. Checked my sugar and it was 83. We went home after that. I had a little salad when I got home. Then fell asleep for awhile. Had soup for dinner which had noodles in it, and ate a freeze pop. By bedtime my sugar was 155. This morning it was 91. Now I feel better. It’s just interesting to me to now know what my symptoms are when I’m borderline low. Headaches, Nausea and I walk funny.

Hey Kathy - doesn’t sound fun. Just curious, I’m a Type 1, used to having hypos from time to time, and like you say, for me, I can go lower before I start to react like you did (I tend to get the way you did after 60. Anyway, being a Type 2, do you not have to carry some sort of sugar supplement, e.g. juice box or Dex4’s to help you out when you get low? I know for myself, treating my hypo with a salad does zero - as it’s low carb. Of course the soup with noodles will bring you up to better levels, because the noodles are a carb, energy food - put on your cape and become Super Woman once again.
Take care!
Anna from Montreal - aka FatCatAnna - The Trials and Tribulations of a Diabetic

I know how it feels…I walk funny too when I am low. Just yesterday morning I was 60 at 5am…you would have thought I was drunk! Then Idrank juice and had a boost of energy, cleaned the kitchen and went into a full speed ahead mode when I was low. Ha, an hour later massive headache and felt like *&^%$#@ !!
Keep sone glucose tablets on you…they work great and easy to carry.
Take care sweetie. PS Watermelon flavor is great :slight_smile:

sorry for the type-o’s, happens when I am high…bloodsugars that is LOL

It’s good that you discovered YOUR low alarm in safe surroundings…now you know. As Robyn pointed out, keep glucose tabs on hand. They disolve quickly, and when you’re spiralling down a low, “quick” is what you want!

My type 2 Dear Brother , on insulin has lows …however that maybe the big diff…being on insulin ?; he carries Dex4 …" they" suggest 15 grams of carbs , then after 15 min. check again and treat if necessary . I don’t follow that rule anymore : I take less…but still check after 15 min. …I just discovered Dex4 …apple flavour …a bit tart tasing …but GREAT …even house cleaning, gardening etc. may lower BG’s !!..hang in there Kathy ; those headaches, nausea feelings , walking funny are Not funny …N

You need not be on insulin to have lows…I’ve had some that I can only define as “the bottom of the bird cage”, and I’m on meds. Other things come into play as well as physical activity…such as stress, which can either bring you up…or take you down…indeed, none are funy!

I have multitudinous symptoms all of which my hubby can pick out, I know though that when I feel like I’m falling about, or I frown alot and stick out my tongue in concentration I know I have to do something about it. I can’t remember my first hypo but I know how scary an unexpected one can be. Glad you feel more informed rather than freaked out x x x