My gallbladder related stuff is unfortunately not over

I thought it'd all be over when I got it removed and the stones removed from my bile ducts/stents put in

Unfortunately , I still have a biliary stricture, meaning my biliary ducts are narrowed. I had my 3rd ERCP today with HIGH HOPES that it was done and over with and the stents would come out and I'd be free from this, but that was not the case at all. It's very likely from the gallstone that was in the duct that left scarring and the previous 2 ERCP procedures

I'm fearing for my liver and my life at this point, I'm only 23 and I have to worry about things I really shouldn't have to. Type 1 diabetes just adds to the fun at this point. Not sure how I'm gonna get through this :( .

The only thing saving my day was a goofy nurse anesthetist who accidentally punched me with a pillow ,he joked we had a pillow fight, then we talked about cursing at work, then he was like telling me imagine being on a beach while I got a warm blanket over me and to imagine a margarita being put through my iv he made my day bless him lol.

I'm sorry to hear you are still struggling. Keeping a sense of humor can really help you through even the most difficult situation. To bad they don't teach that more in nursing or medical school.

I'm sorry you are still having a hard time. Can you talk to your doctor about what is worrying you?