My Introduction

Hello, I was 40 yrs old when I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, Dec 2009, Hey, just in time for the holidays! Thrilled I tell you! I had blood work in March 2009 & every year prior-all was fine. I visited the Dr. for abdominal discomfort...figured hiatal hernia? acid reflux?...(I do like the "good life") Well, they did blood work .... Glucose was 271 ...... A1c 10.5....triglicerides313.......What????

Oh, it must be due to my "BRAT" diet I have been know broth, rice, apple, toast-no milk, cheese or protein assuming it was the above diagnosis. I was away up in New England for Oct/Nov, eating & drinking heavily in Boston, celebrating Halloween in Salem,eating lots of lobster in Maine. I'm sure those #s are all due to my vacation actions! I'll pick up a meter & monitor it myself. I'm sure its nothing I said..WRONG! OH, SO WRONG!!!

My #'s did not go down -went back to Dr-put me on Metformin 2x a day-Whoa! Talk about being sick! Yak! Turned blue-gray after 3 pills!! Dr wanted to put me on Actos, but I already did my homework!- I was not going to take another NEW medicine, just put on the market used as a guinea pig! Sorry, but the the words "Necrosis of the pancreas" do not fit in my vocabulary! So it was then I decided to go see an Endocrinologist. December 28th 2009, they gave me generic Amaryl (glimeperide)-medicine that has been around for a long time & sent me to see a nutritionist. That was one of the best decision I have ever made! I eat 45 grams of carbs 3X a day. It has been 2 months & my sugar #'s range from 92-114 fasting to 104-146 after meals. I have lost 26 lbs! No fat free items or low fat-too many carbs. No exercise-Dr still monitoring my #'s. Hey, at this rate, I may just disappear by the end of the year!

Well, that's my story...I just miss eating all those cella chocolate covered cherries-my favorite!!!

congratulations on getting yourself in shape! And bravo for you for getting the nerve to demand an Endocronologist.

Congrats… :)))))) I was diagnosed November of 09, so I can kinda relate. :slight_smile: Great work on being proactive and doing research.

Thank you very much. It just felt like cause I was younger than most of their diabetic patients & newly diagnosised-they would give me the “new” sample medicine. It only came out in July 09–Hey not on the market long enought for real problems, ya know-How about you ?

Yeah, I was diagnosed 6 days after my birthday lol at the ripe ol’ age of 33. hehe

Welcome Smallboo…so glad you are back on track! Congratulations on the number accomlishment…well done!

I’m actually Type 1 and I’ve been talking with my Endo for 6 months about putting me on Metformin (in ADDITION to my insulin shots- 10 shots per day) I have insulin resistance even though I’m “normal” weight and Type 1. It’s rare in Type 1s, but… maybe not as rare as they think.

Metformin was on the market BEFORE insulin was (in the 1920s). When people started pushing insulin, Metfomin was kind of “back burnered” for years. It was re-released in the UK in 1958, Canada in 1972 and USA in 1995. It’s only been coming up more often since 2008 campaigned its merits- but Metformin has been out as long as the TB vaccine. :slight_smile:

I, too, do a LOT of research before I put a drug in my body.

But, yeah, my Endo seemed to like to suggest I go on more meds- like Lipitor- and I said no time and time again. I brought my cholesterol down on my own. No more medication please!

Thank you. I really could believe my ears when I was told. I didnt know it was down hill when I reached 40! I was just starting to set my spare room up with some mats & weights to do some exercise. They always say to get checkedby the Dr before starting a new routine. The abdominal pressure was bothersome enough to go & kill 2 birds with 1 stone. I didn’t want a big 40th b’day party, so instead I went to a bunch of shows & concerts instead. I stayed at hotels & casinos, and probably ate & drank more than I should-did know fun was that dangerous. What kind of system or program do you do? Do you have to count carbs?

Yes, I count carbs. What I do, is basically exercise 3 times a week, with a good level of intensity, and then I make sure I do not exceed a certain amount of carbohydrates at mealtime. I eat moderately low carb, have a lot of proteins, dairy, nuts, and Omega 3 fats. I have gotten simple tools, like Carb Cards, to help me learn how many carbs are in basic foods, and I read labels very closely. I test before meals, and 1-2 hours after meals (or more, depending on the meal, because fat can slow down digestion), to assess how much a certain number of grams of carbohydrates (+ fat, if applicable) has made my blood glucose levels go up, and how many points it made it go up. I then, add or subtract carbohydrates, depending on my blood glucose targets. Right now, my current target is to be at less than 140 mg/dL at 1 hour, and less than 120 mg/dL at 2 hours. For this, I mostly consume about 10 grams of carbs in the morning, and 30 or less for lunch and dinner, with about 15 or less for a snack. I am more insulin resistant in the mornings, so I cannot have any more than 10 for breakfast.

For Manic Mea, or others who many not understand, cutting sugar alone is NOT enough to reduce our blood glucose numbers, because sugar is just another carbohydrate, and all carbohydrates turn to glucose in the blood. Some do it more quickly than others, but about 98% of carbohydrates will turn into straight glucose into our blood system, used for energy… So if we eat a big portion of pasta, while we may not see the spike immediately, as with having too much candy, we will see it in 2 1/2 - 6 hours. So we need to have sensible portions when we eat carbohydrates, even with complex ones. I went from an A1C of 10.5% to one of 5.3%, and I feel pretty good these days… :slight_smile: I’ve also lost about 54 lbs.

Metformin is not easy on the stomach either. I have issue with the higher doses of metformin which are not fun. I sometimes cant eat my typical bland diet because metformin sometimes upsets my stomach. so I am with you. Only take things that you need and try to work on the things that can be controlled without pills

I can eat only 45 gram of carbohydrate a meal. Of course you are told basically whole wheat is better for you than white flour items & to eat veggies and high complex carbs instead of simple carbs, eat protein like cheese when you eat fruit so it will basically filter the sugar so it isn’t absorbed too quickly into your body. If you are still hungry have an egg!

26 lbs gone in 8 wks…(.almost 12 kilograms for my friends across the pond) I’m very excited!!! Hope I don’t disappear-clothes are loose… sounds like shopping in my future! :))))) I put on weight when I married my husband-(No suprise…sorry guys!) I was always a slim person-none the less.
And all just by counting those carbs-I eat mayo, reg cheese, reg dressing, cant cut back all-plus low fat dressing has a lot more carbs in them to make up for better taste & less fat…later for that.

My nutritionist suggested a book called " Calorie King" by biochemist and dietician Allan Borushek-(you can also go to the web site too.) It is a cool little book that you can carry with you incase you need to know the info-all lists cals, fat, & carbs for many foods as well as eating out.

I cannot eat regular pasta cause it shoots my bg up the roof & whole wheat pasta makes me gag! So I use Dreamfields brand that has only 5 grams digestable carbs per 2 oz dry pasta. The nutritionist told me that all her patients use it. I was skeptical cause hey if it isnt made with semolina what the hell would it taste like. WELL! I ate a whole plate of macaroni at my moms last night made with this and I was in heaven!! I have not had sauce since Christmas Eve & my bg shot to up 282-This was before I knew I couldn’t have reg pasta. So sad- I was dying for it-I have found my local market carries Dreamfields: lasagna noodles, penne, elbows spaghetti & rotelli!!! I am ready for summer and mom’s oh so awsome macaroni salad!!! Whoo Hoo!