My LOVE / HATE relationship

So I have had my pod about 4 months, at first no problems, but within the last month I’ve gone through 8 pods, 4 in the time frame I should have used 1 at two different time periods . The first time I was priming a new pod(1) and that damn alarm went off in the middle of that, so I started a new one(2), went through the night then the next morning eating breakfast gave my self a bolus half way through the bolus " alarm" changed again(3) with in 2 min of this new one another alarm went off and I changed again(4) delaying a little to stop the massive amount of blood pouring from my stomach…that was 4 pods in less than 12 hours. the almost exact thing happened a couple weeks later, and I could care less about the pods since I can get more at no charge, but my insulin isnt cheap even with insurance and i’m tired of sucking out as much insulin as I can from disfunctional pod, not getting all that I put in. But I so love this device when it is working that I am going to keep using it because I will not got back to MDI since that does my A1C no good and I hate needles and I dont want to deal with the tubing so I am going to be tough and hope these thing happen less often, or I will have to think of other ways to vent my anger other than cussing at the top of my lungs and throwing the damn non stop beeping pods at my front door, neighbors probably think i’m crazy…lol
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I had something similar happen, except the pods would not activate. Called customer support during the last go-round with them and they walked me through my change just to be sure I was doing everything right, which I was. But I went through 6 or 7 in one week… all out of the same box. I think some lots are just bad. They do need to have some way of testing each pod, though. I think in the long run, that will cut company cost a lot!

I, like you have been on the POD for about 4 months (started 15/Nov/08). I have only had 2 problems in that time. I had on POD that would not activate after it was filled, and had another that occluded. Other than that everythig has been good to go. Also like you I would never want to go back to MDI. With the POD my A1Cs have gone from 9.8 to 6.4 and the last one was 5.9. I hope everything works out for you…could just be a bad batch of PODS.
Good Luck

Good for you hopefully it stays that way for you, My A1C Also went from 9.1 to 6.5 yeah.

yeah they do need a way to test each pod, once during my pod change it went through all the priming then I placed the pod and it never actually inserted the cannual, it said it did and that my pod was active, but no it really wasnt.

I’d be interested in knowing the lot #s on the bad pods - Mark has going thru quite a few also and in the month he has been on the pod - he has only had about 3 of them make it a full 3 days.

He is not here right now =- but I’ll get the lot numbers of his that have been defective . . .it would be interesting to find out if there is something up with a certain lot#


I posted something not too long ago similar to this. My pod had that continuous beep, so I just threw it around my house until it stopped. It did stop… but it was not easy to tell what it was!

I have used pods from all three of my boxes with this malfunction so if they all three boxes have the same lot # number maybe it would be smart to send different lot #'s each time so al least some of them will work… so i’m not stuck with 30 crappy pods

Oh yeah, not easy to tell that it used to be a pod, but I did have much fun throwing that thing around… another way of venting my anger. Everytime it hit the door the beep changed pitch and studdered ha it was great!!!

Love hate I agree I took a box of 10 pods with me on a trip 6 of the pods were bad. One would not let the insulin feed into the pod.One I had excessive bleeding when I removed the pod because for no reason my sugars were 300. I probably have had every problem you all have discussed. I hate to give this product up but I am getting close.

You now testing the pods REALLY needs to be implemented… just went through another 4 pods outside of the 2 good ones in one week (total of 6). Geez.

I know mine by heart now… they’ve been L30064.

Has anyone had a pod that inserted into the cap while priming. I filled it with insulin and then it began priming and i heard a pop. So I took the cap off and the needle was sticking slightly out. Called omnipod and they are sending a replacement. I went ahead and kept going to see if it would still insert with out putting it on my body and it was dead. I just took the insulin out and went on to my next pod but thought it was weird.

That was my lot # also

Thats strange, Do you take the cap off before or after priming i take mine off before i even put insulin in the pod, and I know this is strange but I suck the small (but still worth it) amount of insulin that comes out in the window area after I inject insulin.

Insulet told me to put my “beeping” pods in the freezer!!! It really works…it stops beeping!!

You can put in the freezer but once you take it out and the pod thaws, it’ll be beeping again! Happened to me too.

I’ve had a couple of bad pods but never thought to remove the insulin that was in there. That worked ok for you? It would be helpful since losing three days of insulin at a pop is really annoying.

yeah, pods come back to life after they thaw!!! lol. so, i usually just smash them on the ground outside. after a few good throws, they usually stop beeping.

oh, and once i took out the insulin from a pod that failed right as i was putting it on. i got almost all of the insulin out, and put it into my new pod.

I can definitely empathize…have seriously high blood pressure issues sooooooo must maintain my cool when this happens. I had two “pod failures” while pod was on my back (my fav spot)…it’s so out of the way back there. I don’t want to go back to 5 shots a day either. There’s strength in numbers so make sure that you let them know. I also mentioned to them that I was aware that I wasn’t the ONLY person having these experiences; and said that “we” were comparing notes. Lot # 30070

We’ve gone through periods where pods seem to be very uncooperative, but then we have a long stretch of no issues. I don’t understand why pods would error because of a site location. Caleb wears them on his back all the time. My experience with Insulet CS is that you can get varied answers depending on who you talk to.
Errors are frustrating - just yesterday Caleb was just sitting there playing legos and BEEEEEEEP. Pod error. We haven’t had one of those in a while. I do remember the beginning - we had more errors. I have no clue what we were doing, but I have to think our newness and the increased number of pod errors was not just a coincidence. Pods are like D sometimes - I can’t figure out the whys!!!