My morning number after breakfast is too high

I have type 2 for over 4 years with diet and excerise the morning reading was fine around 6. But recently the number is up and around 8.5. The worst part is after breakfast, the number is closing 10. This morning even worse: 15.
After lunch and walking, the number drops to 7.
I read some papers and they are saying the number will be high in the morning for diabetes even no food is taking. The reason is body increasing it automatically.
I also have the medicine from Doctor: Metformin. But i just reluctant to take it (side effects) and want to use exercise to bring number down.

What i suppose to do now? Take medicine? or insulin? Or keep exercise?

Thank you

I also have high morning numbers. Many of us suffer from Darn Phenomenon. I never found a cure besides insulin, but I did discover things that could help. First, I found that eating a good breakfast first thing in the morning helped. But eating a high carb breakfast is a disaster. I am insulin resistant in the morning and eating something like cereal is just whacked. It did not have good outcomes. Instead I eat eggs and sausage and things work out much better.

Thanks, brian.
Will try tmr.


Brian has good point. I would add that it may be an idea to give metformin a good try. Must people can tolerate it and it is first line treatment for type 2. If that doesn’t do it, them maybe all your Dr about insulin. Good control will avoid complications down the track and you may be aft the point now when the benefit of great control outweighs the risk / side effects of using meds to help this process.

Ask your doctor for the XR (extended release) type of Metformin, generally fewer side effects.