My Participation In The Joslin Medalist Study

There is an ongoing study at Harvard and the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston. The Joslin medalists are the subjects involved in the study. These medalists have had Type 1 diabetes for 50 or more years. They are given a thorough examination of their heart, kidneys, eyes and nervous systems. It has been found that some of these medalists still havd functioning beta cells and C-peptide after all those years of diabetes. Now we will wait and see if it is the presence of C-peptide is responsible for these individuals having no serious complications. The study is ongoing and they want more medalists to participate. Several hundred have been examined but they want a larger sample.

I recently announced here that I was applying for a Joslin medal. I received my medal last week and I have been invited to participate in the medalist study. They will pay my transportation and lodging. I can’t wait to see if I have functioning beta cells. My date for going to Boston has not been set but it should be soon.

I have been T1D for 63 years (64 years on Sept. 15) and I have no complications at this time. It would be so cool to find that a few functioning beta cells and some active C-peptide explains my good health.

Richard… Congratulations … both on your Medal and good health. Please keep me updated on your progress in the study. How exciting…

You Go Richard!! :slight_smile: We’ve heard that it is a possibility for some Long Time Type 1’s to possibly have some beta cells left. That would be interesting and useful to know…and Incredible when you think about it. Congrats again and many more Good years to you, my Boy. :slight_smile: Hmmm, I don’t recall seeing a photo of you with your Medal. :wink:

We want to see your medal!

How wonderful to be chosen to participate in the study. Congratulations! Can’t wait to hear the results.

Have fun in Boston.

Richard, please post a picture of your medal. I sure hope that I can have good health as you have later on in life. That would be really neat to see what the study shows. I agree with Terrie, it is incredible to think that there might be beta cells and such still around. Keep us posted.

I wish I had a camera. I mean to get one every year but there always seems to be more important things we need to buy. I will see if I can borrow one from a neighbor.