My potassim is high, has anyone ever used Kionex Powder?

Just curious if anyone has ever used this, any side affects? Complications from it? I do have CKD and he raised my Ace up to 2x a day, so he wanted me to go on it because my potassium was 5.8.

I was occasionally on kxlate (sp?) but my doc only gave it to me in emergencies. Basically I was expected to cut the potassium in my diet to bring the levels down. I'm not sure of the side effects of these things but in my day (more than 10 years ago) they didn't like for you to take it long term. I found this site with the side effects, but I'm not sure how common they are.,+RECTAL.aspx?drugid=16428&drugname=kionex+oral

Is there room to cut some of the K from your diet?

the problem is, I am on vasotec and digoxin so they both raise your potassium. he is upping my vasotec and my potassium is already high 5.8. I dont really eat much with potasium, I don't go over board.
thanks for the info, I'm gonna take a look at it now.

I was on Vasotec for a brief period of time. It shot my K through the roof! I switched ACEs and things got better. Interestingly enough, I have found the ACE inhibitors to be very different from each other. Vasotec didn't work for me at all, but Lisinopril did. And neither one gave me a cough. But some folks I have read online said that one gave them a cough, but another didn't. Maybe trying to switch the med might help a bit? Potassium restriction is so, so difficult.

ugh I know it is, I really don't want to go on this powder he gave me. I hate adding new meds.. I get scared. I am going to ask him to see if we can try a new ace instead of trying the powder to lower my potassium. I've been on vasotec for over 20 years, but I am still spilling protien.

I was on one of the very first ACEs in the 80s (captopril, I think?) and it helped my kidney longevity as I already had damage). But once it became available after the vasotec I was put on lisinopril and it worked great for me.

thank you for all your help!! :) I never took the meds, i brought my potassium down with diet. kept the same amount vasotec.