My progress so far

So it has been almost 4 weeks since I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

My (fasting( BG level at diagnosis was 244.

Almost 4 weeks later with the help of MetFormin 3 times a day, plenty of self testing, and paying strict attention to my diet I have averaged a fasting BG level this week of 97.

The highest post meal level I have had this week was 118 (I currently test at 2 hours after the meal). Most of my post meal tests have been at 110 or under.

I still need to start exercising (have had unrelated sciatica pain that is now subsiding) and I have some more foods to test. I want to see if any fruits can work for me.

I also want to keep improving to see if I can dial down the medication a bit. I also want to start testing at 1 hour after a meal to see what those levels seem like.

Anyway, since I am still new to this I just wanted to put this out there to see how I am doing. My doctor seems happy so far. I have to go back to see the nutritionist but to be honest I have already thrown out much of what she said as her original plans were not getting such good results.

Have a great day!

I eat a lot of fruit, Apple, Plums, Bannas, Necterings, I stay away from oranges and other high sugar fruits. My BG goes up to 140, but comes back down to about 100 after about an hour. Its trial an error, Good Luck!

Congratulations! Keep up the good work!!

Thanks Abdul! I am going to try apples, pears and bananas first. But only one at a time so I can really get a good gauge on they affect me. I might even try a chunk or two of cantaloupe. (which I love but it might be too sweet.)

Hi Gerri:

Thanks for the encouragement! It was interesting how off my nutritionist was. :slight_smile: Now I need to figure out if I can still have coffee! I hope so.

Thanks Peetie!

Hey Gerri! I think I accidentally closed your comment. Sorry about that!!

I didn’t know what the x on the side of each comment did. Now I know! :slight_smile:

Fruit sends my BG through the stratosphere. Only fruit I can eat are small quantities of berries. They have relatively few carbs compared to others. Hope you can handle some fruit without spikes.

Caffeine sends many people high. I stick to decaf, but really good strong French Roast espresso decaf that tastes like regular.

Keep us posted on your progress!

Yep, it was deleted. That’s ok:)

Hi Gerri,

I LOVE strong coffee. Have you ever had Cafe Bustelo? It is one of my favorites, as are all good French and Italian roasts… I will probably be switching to decaf version in the next day or so. I still can’t quite figure out if caffeine spikes me or not.

I haven’t tried it, but will on your recommendation. Thanks!