My promised #6 posting regarding my 50-years diabetes

POSTING #6 and almost the last one.

Like everything else, also this has to come to an end. Rather than history telling about my diabetes in the past, I like to tell you about what I take and have to do to stay on my feet. So, this will be the almost the last one in this series, going into the 6th decade with diabetes for me.
With good control I believe that diabetes doesn’t have to be a great problem or shorten your life.

It becomes a great problem when you allow diabetes to get away from you. As soon as my sugars are going overboard I step on them, I never delay. I will take intermediate shots when I see things go out of hand, sometimes ending up with as many as eight shots for the day. I know that this is a lot to take. If I could have gone on the pump this would have been easier to do, however my skin doesn’t allow sticky tape and goes right away into a rash and ulcers. Also I like the single shots and get it over with when the shot is takes without something hanging on to my body all the time. Also the $8000. scares me a lot. What if it doesn’t work out? Cannot return the pump for a refund.

Well, I could go on and on but I will now show you my daily line up of needle taking and taking meds and all the other necessary things. It sure keeps me busy every day of my life. Well, only nineteen more years, when the blessed 100 is reached… I should tell you about my record keeping first. I use a notebook I believe 11 by 9 in size with a spring on the and to keep it open easily. For each month I use double pages for my record keeping, open the book and start on the two pages. Lining them up in colums for the daily activities. About five of them for taking testings and four insulin shots when and were I did inject. Like on the left side today and right side tomorrow. like L and R. On the left page I keep the extra testings with the time when taken.
Also my 3 AM test which is a real must for me. Well folks I can see that my daily recordings explanation would make this way too long so I have to go to posting #7 for that.
Hoping that you will stick with me. That will be my own personal record.

Thank you all for reading. If you did I would appreciate if you just say so.