My pump broke today, went totally crazy, anyone else?

Me and my family went to dinner and I went to bolus and when I hit up arrow to enter carbs, pump went berzerk, it was like the button stuck and kept counting up very fast. Then I took battery out and tried to restart it, then none of the buttons worked, put new battery in and same problem. Then I called medtronics and she told me to disconnect immediatly. I will have a new one by morning, but tonight is gonna suck. I gotta check sugar every 1-2 hours and take a shot. I have only had pump since January of 2009. I just put battery in to see if I could get my seetings and turned light on and it wont go off and no other buttons work. It is crazy to me to think it was fine one minute and completly usless just like that. Anyone else have issues like this?

Ok, so now its beeping like crazy with a “BUTTON ERROR” on screen, gee, ya think

Wow - that IS crazy! I’ve only had my pump 1 month - if this happened I probably would have freaked!

It sounds like one of the buttons stuck down and stayed locked there. Really doubt it could do any good, but if you have a vacuum cleaner with a very small nozzle to put on the end of the hose, or even some cardboard across it to make it the right size you MIGHT be able to put it down over each button and suck it up.How you could use it after that is an open question, but if it made it workable overnight you could do better until the new one got there.

Just be sure if this does work at all to be ready to disconnect the hose when taking a bolus, and check it often the rest of the time. It doesn’t sound like it could pump continuously with this kind of problem, but if in doubt DON’T use the pump tonight.

yeah, i’m definitely filing this under “too risky” (now if it were my cell phone, or anything else non-life-sustaining, i’d definitely give it a try)

thanks all but I am patiently waiting on my new pump, they said by 10:30 it would be here, the crazyt thing was that the button wasnt stuck, you could still push it, none of the buttons work now, I would be extremely nervous to continue with this same pump, no matter how attatched I got, last night kinda sucked, ran high most of the night and woke up with a headache, so UPS please hurry!!!

I’ve had some strange issues with my older pumps with error messages and bizarre malfunctions. MM is really good about sending out another pump, so never hesitate. But it is a pain to go back on shots for a day or 2.

Glad you’re ok

I feel your pain. I remeber when this same thing happened to me. I freaked! My life-line was dead!! Minimed was great about it. It was a Sunday and I got my new pump Monday afternoon. It did suck to “check and shoot” but it was only for 1 day.