My pump will be here monday!

Just wanted to share my excitement. A very kind person on the forum here (you know who you are!) shared their replacement pump with me and it made my decision to switch from the OmniPod (NOT a bad pump--just not perfect for me all the time) to the OneTouch Ping...

I got a pink PING and
3 boxes of 23" tubing and 6mm canulas
and 1 box of 43" tubing and 9mm canulas for different occasions (summer dresses!)

Anyway, thanks for all the support everyone here offers!

This is a SUPPORT community!!! Thank you!!!

In my excitement I'm going to post photos of me opening my new ping! :)

Actually, my insurance hasn't technically approved it yet but they deemed it medically necessary and my insurance expires tomorrow and if they do approve it they will have to "pay" for it even though it will have already been expired because they go off the day of shipment.

PLUS I got approved for financial aid too so it was SOO affordable and my every three months shipments are SOOO much cheaper than the pods!!!!!

Congrats Danielle,

I just received my Animas One touch ping (black, I know not technically a colour, but it’s my favorite colour). I haven’t received my training yet, so the only thing my pump and I do at the moment is hang out all day together. Figured it was best to get that started, as it will be a part of us from here on in.

This is my first pump, unfortunately my insurance didn’t cover it, so I made the decision to buy it myself. My training is taking place this Sunday, and if all goes well I will be a pumper from that day forward.

It is a great feeling opening that box up, and looking at a pretty solid pump (in my humble opinion) I can’t wait to see the pictures of your pink ping.

Enjoy it and life to the fullest!!!

Wonder full! my ping realy changed my life.

Congratulations to you both! I love my Ping (blue, since we're sharing colors!). Just remember that the first few weeks are a pretty steep learning curve and your numbers will be out of whack for awhile. Hang in there, take care of yourself and know that it will get easier and better soon!

And don't hesitate to ask questions! I got my Ping and asked my trainer about sleeping. She said, "oh no problem, just put it under your pillow". Well the first night I did that and in five minutes me and my cat were both tangled in tubing when I turned over! I got on here at 2AM and got an immediate suggestion of how to sleep! (I now wear thermals in winter and sleep shorts in summer and hook it to the back since I sleep on my side or stomach).

mine will be here on tuesday im so excited as well i got the green one :)

Whooo hoo!!! :slight_smile: You are now a card-carrying member of the PORG.

Glad you were able to make an educated decision. I dont think we get enough support in the pre-sale area. I mean heck… Ya get to test drive a car before you buy it, why not a pump? The commitment is about the same (4 years+) anf the monthly payments are not all that different either. :slight_smile:

Hey: serious question. Did you mean to get a 42 inch set with a NINE millimeter cannula? Or a SIX millimeter? Youve got that uber-lean / 2% body fat thing happening and I would hate to see you get into the meat instead of the fat layer with the nine MM.

Congrats!!! Post pictures so we can all share that new-pump smell!

got 2020 shipped until ping could ship. animas took care of me with insurance changing, they are shipping pings now will have mine it,

I took an info session on insulin pumps in February. My initial thought was the Omnipod because it has no tubing, but now I am leaning towards an Animas pump instead. I don't go back to the doctor until late May. Hopefully I can get started on the pump soon after that. I've been taking insulin injections for 38 years!

Hi Danielle,

I am probably late for this post, but Congratulations on your Ping. My Animas Ping has been life-changing. I am sure it will be successful for you as well. I am happy that they are helping you financially and that you are able to get this. Please let us know how things are going.

Be well.

Brian Wittman