Ping opinions, please

It’s just about time for me to order a replacement pump and I’m curious as to how those of you using the PING like it now that it’s been out for a while? Any positive or negative reviews would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been with MM pretty much the last 24+ years but have misgivings about their CGMS. Thanks in advance for your help!

i got the ping right after it came out. i love mine! the only thing i didn’t like was on my old pump (the deltec cozmo) it had a feature that would remind me to do pump site changes every 3 days. the ping doesnt have this feature. other than that, i have no complaints.
i have heard about some other people having problems with the buttons coming off, but ive not had that happen.

I just started using the Ping at the end of June and I really like it. I picked the Ping because of it being waterproof. I also had some concerns about MiniMed after hearing about the infusion set recalls a couple years ago and what people went thru with that.

I started having some problems with air in the tubing in my pump in Dec & when I called Animas about it in Jan, I ended up getting a new pump. Animas customer service is really good.

I’ve had my ping for over two years (had a Deltec Cozmo before that).

The good:

Color screen on the pump (very easy to read).
Ease of entering bolus.
Ability to give yourself a bolus without removing the pump from your belt (or wherever).
VERY good BG tracking and analisys from the software built into the Ping meter (as good as anything I’ve seen for a PC).
It is possible to save the pump programming. (The program can also be printed out.)

The bad:
After entering your meal glucose, and seeing the suggested bolus, you have to enter the bolus manually, by mashing the “up arrow” on the meter or pump, and watching the numbers scroll. . It’s virtually impossible to get the EXACT bolus amount “right off”. You’ll have to adjust the result up or down a bit after stopping the scroll.

SOME functions of the pump can’t be set or cancelled from the meter (you can’t cancel a combo bolus from the meter, for example).

You can only see your BG history on the meter.

No “missed bolus” reminder.
No “Change site” reminder (you CAN set a “generic” reminder to have the pump and meter alarm at a given time…but the actual alarm doesn’t tell you anything. I have an alarm set for 11:00 AM to remind me to bolus for lunch…and the pump simply says “11:00”.

All in all though, I still think the Ping system is one of the best out there, and I’m very glad I chose it.

Brandi, Kelly, Joe, thank you for giving me info that I might not have picked up on otherwise.! Not being able to cancel a combo bolus would be something to think about. There have been times when I’ve over calculated my carbs & fat and had to turn mine off or eat more calories to carry me through (I prefer not eating extra). And only seeing your BG history on the screen might nag at me a bit. With MM I can see when & what I last bolused, my BG and what day & time I started the pump (or set change). Also, the battery strength is always visible. I like the idea of glucose analysis software at my fingertips (somewhat of a control addict). That is definitely a big positive.
Again, thank you so much for your input. If you think of anything else, please let me know. I appreciate the time you took/take to write.

You are able to cancel the combo bolus from the pump itself. I don’t use the remote that much but I use the combo bolus alot direct from the pump & I do cancel it sometimes.

Thanks for clearing that up for me Kelly!

Waterproofing, was the lead feature that had me sold on it, the color screen is nice too :slight_smile:

I switched from Medtronic to the Ping and am very pleased. I was no longer able to use Minimed’s CGMS due to reactions/allergy so figured might as well expand my horizons. I love the Ping and being able to bolus from the remote I do that over 95% of the time. The screen and the louder alarms are nice too as well as waterproof. About the only thing I miss from Minimed is the escape button. I also switched to Dexcom and I really like that as well.

There are differences that don’t bother me that may be frustrating for others. It takes more button pushes to program or deliver a bolus. After a battery change you need to rewind and reprime.

The Ping has much better history regarding basal rate changes you did. Minimed has more complete bolus history. The bolus history is present on the pump but just the total it does not have a breakdown on corrections vs food bolus. Most of the data for Animas is stored on the Ping itself whereas with Minimed it’s on the pump.

Regarding the Ping not all pump functions are accessible from the Ping just bolus stuff and the status screens. Everything else is done from the pump.

I’ve had the Ping for 1 1/2 and I’m happy with it. I haven’t had another pump to compare it to personally. I also use the Dexcom and except for wild numbers the first 24 hrs it’s great.
I certainly agree that the remote meter feature the waterproof thing are big positives. No problem snorkeling or hanging in the pool. I like the meter being backlit too.
Of course I’m always thinking of ways it could be improved :slight_smile:
Oh - the Ping does have a battery life indicator, the current basal rate, and the units of insulin remaining in the cartridge on the pump

You can review all the Bolus, Total Daily Dose (TDD), Alarm, Prime, Suspend, and Basel history from the pump itself. BG history is in the meter remote. All info is transferred from the meter remote to the pump every time they communicate . . . but some is not available for viewing on the pump itself. When you download the pump you get everything from meter and pump, can view the bolus totals by correction vs. meal, and you can see the BG, CHOs, and basal rates in the download.

Prime history allows you to see time of last prime . . . which in most cases would be time of last site change . . . unless you did a battery change in between site change . . . so I always look for the last Cannula Fill in the prime history.

I LOVE the high resolution screen as I do not need glasses to see . . . it can, however, be difficult to read in bright sunlight.

The need for rewind at time of battery change is actually a safety feature to verify cartridge is properly engaged for delivery, and has not been removed. Animas is religious about safety features, and although there are occasions when they are inconvenient, I’d much rather know that my pump knows if there is or is not a cartridge in it!

Hey guys/girls
Thank you for the added insight into the Animas system! I’m definitely going with DEXCOM and as of tonight will possibly switch to Animas. I guess, after being connected to one company for so long, it’s a bit intimidating to switch to something new. I really appreciate everything you’ve added. Animas is certainly looking better all the time. Thanks a million!!!

Hey Leilani
Thank you! I guess when I posted I didn’t realize the monitor was considered the PING and not the whole Animas system. DUH! Well, it appears Animas has as many features as MM. I was a bit hesitant when I thought you couldn’t access certain histories but feel better now that I can do so from the pump screen. Phew! Unless I hear of more CONS concerning the pump I’m really considering switching. AGAIN, thank you!

The whole systme is considered the Ping - I have never heard anyone else refer to it the way she did. I just pulled the manual out and they refer to it as One Touch Ping pump, One Touch Ping remote and One Touch Ping system.

What Kelly said. you can cancel the combo bolus from the pump. I do use the remote as it is helpful to me as I may wear a dress or a skirt or something of that nature and dont want to flash people so I’ve gotten use to the meter. I just did a combo bolus today as I didnt want the whole amt of insulin and was going to cancel it when my sugar level was STILL high. But it was close to finishing anyways so I kept it on.

Here are my reasons for going with the ping vs MM.

  1. Food directory. I do use it even though I do know how to carb count. I just find it easier for me to put in my foods just in case my counting is off. I am still entering my favorite foods
  2. the waterproofing thing. I tend to splash stuff and what not and its nice to know its ok to get it wet.
  3. I an set up 12 different I:C ratio that can fit my lifestyle. And 12 different BG target. Not that I would need that many BG target but hey, you never know.
  4. I like that there are different infusion sets I can use unlike the MM you are limited to certain ones and I like to have choices.
  5. the color screen. I saw the MM and I can’t really see the screen well. Although the Ping Meter is greyscale and have trouble with it, I can at least see the screen on the pump itself. I was told by a rep that the color screen is coming out soon and I can’t wait.
  6. I like that I can set a BG check reminder as I never can remember when its been 3 hours and when i do remember I say to myself oh darn its past three hours I should check my levels.

I cant think of anything else at the moment. But those are my thoughts.

Actually I think Kelly is right here and I misspoke earlier. The whole system is called the ping. In my mind though what makes the Ping the Ping and not the 2020 is the meter remote itself so I always thought of the meter remote as the ping. The important thing is some functions and history are present on the meter remote and others are just on the pump itself.

The only bit of history I’ve found that Minimed included that Animas doesn’t is what percentage of your boluses are corrections vs food. Animas software will tell you what percentage of your boluses are entered as a EZ BG bolus but it doesn’t separate that out in the history when you’ve added a correction to a carb bolus. It does separate it out when you’re programming in the bolus though.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I really appreciate your opinions. It’s looking more like Animas is going to be my choice this tiime around. Why not? You all like it. ;o)

After reading on this forum, I contacted Animus and I am going to be getting an Animus Ping for $900 minus a $700 trade-in for my CozMo pump. They will also be giving me a 30% discount on supplies. The pump will only have a 2 year warranty, but I figure that will give me an excellent chance to try the pump and make sure I like it. At the end of two years, I will have to purchase a new pump, but I can get $1,100.00 off. I can give them 1/2 down and then make payments of around $50 month for 48 months. NO INTEREST. Wow…what a great deal. I think I am going to really like this company…

Well I have been a ONEtouch user for many years, and I knew there would be a day when I had to get a pump. Well that day was last december and the Doc really wanted me to get a MM as it has a 3CC cartridge versuses the 2CC that the PING has, at that time I never looked at MM as I totally liked the Animas Product. So he had his educator go track one down and I played with it for about 10 minutes and there was NO adjusting the screen, which I could NOT read. So I was totally adamant about getting the PING, he said I would have to change sites every 2 days verses 3, I said SO!!!

Well I have no regrets, I love the PING, I like the fact that I can read the display, also just recently Animas has made a feature available so you can upload your pump INFO to a network that is of course secured and your doctor and or endo specialist can review the history and as long as you upload, they will always know how your doing.

I was told when I go on Vacations that I can request a loaner pump in case my conks out, free of charge of course, just need to let Animas know two weeks before departure and they will get one out to you.

I am deaf so I don’t hear all that well, I have my pump vibrate for all indicators and If I use a lithium battery it will last 2.5 weeks if I use an AK battery I be lucky to get a week out of it.

Hope this helps!